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Thread: Seborrheic Dermatitis & Folliculitis -- Review of OTC Treatments for Malassezia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teenspirit1 View Post
    Has anyone tried De la Cruz Sulfur face mask for seb derm or fungal acne?
    Ive seen it touted in a few websites
    Ive been using for a week. No good results yet - so I'm curious what other people think.
    I have tried a similar product recommended by Joanne Whitehead, PhD., for the back of my scalp for SD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubydo1 View Post
    Anyone else find Nizoral doesnít work ? It just makes my scalp sore.
    Iím really struggling with SD on face Iím using the Sebclair Cream but it doesnít seem to be helping
    that much.
    My rosacea is bad so Iím down to washing with water.
    Is there anything I can use for SD that will not dry out or irritate my skin ?
    I actually find nizoral quite effective for dandruff. That said, I haven't yet found anything that completely eliminates my issues. Therefore I tend to rank products in terms of the degree of relief they offer me.

    I see you're in the UK - have you tried the e45 dry scalp shampoo? It contains climbazole. Again, I find it somewhat (but not fully) helpful. In honesty I'd rank it below nizoral for effectiveness, but it's probably gentler if nothing else.

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