I’ve been taking Escitalopram 10mg in the night recently. This is so called anti-depressant. Nearly every night I would wake up quite sweating on the chest mostly. A few days ago I took a tablet during the day. I was on a packed bus and it got really hot. Usually I would start flushing immediately. But instead of flushing I started sweating mostly palms, chest and knees. Then I remembered my similar settings with similar consequences, for example queuing in the shop. Sometimes for no particular reason I would start getting really sick, as if I’m about to faint. And then I would end up either sweating or flushing. Mostly flushing. Immediately after that I would feel very well, as if nothing happened. If I sweat, I don’t flush and the opposite.
Escitalopram, I checked in Wikipedia, is for the treatment of social anxiety disorder. Also it says that it doesn’t inhibit alpha or beta receptors. Surely, it must me inhibiting other receptors and therefore there must be other receptors related to social anxiety. I wonder whether those who prescribe Propranolol and Clonidine are aware of the fact there could be a lot more than alpha and beta receptors. I want to ask those who’ve been on Propranolol or Clonidine. Have you noticed any increased sweating? I know sweating and flushing somehow related.
Weird thing on that bus was that I really rarely sweat even on the hottest day. I would always end up flushing. It says that Escitalopram max dose per day is 40mg. I took only 10mg and it made me slightly suicidal. I can’t imagine myself neither increasing dose nor taking it long term. Although I wouldn’t rule out a little experiment.