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Thread: Veinwave damage - retreat or not?

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    Default Veinwave damage - retreat or not?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and wonder if someone has good advice for this one...

    Following rhinoplasty I started getting spider veins on my nose. They were'nt really that bad but i decided to get rid of them using the supposedly "new", risk-free, 1-hour, no side effect technology of veinwave.

    After 6 weeks there are not only more veins, but red marks as well. They have subsided some, but not enough, and I am getting very impatient. Have tried arnica, hydroquinone, horse chestnut and vitamin c but still they are insisting on staying on my nose and are especially red in the morning.

    I have had contact with some doctors who advice me just to wait. But I doubt that the veins will go away by themselves. Others say "you typically need more treatments than one" and advice me to go on with veinwave. But as this caused the symptoms in the first place I don't see how more of the same would be the cure.
    I am thinking of trying with ktp laser. But would this be too soon after 6 weeks? For one, I don't want to risk another skin catastrophy. Does anyone have experience of ktp after veinwave?

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    Default I am in similar situation

    What did you end up doing?

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    I am also interested to find out the outcome.

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    If you have sensitive skin, my personal opinion is that veinwave is a really bad idea. It was the first spider vein treatment I ever did. Everything they told me about it was a lie. There is downtime, there is breaking of skin, there are scars, it is much more painful than laser, oh and the veins refill in 2 weeks each time. I had it done about 8 years ago and I still have a pretty bad dark red dent/hole in the crease of my nostril that looks worse than any vein that was ever there. Go for a laser treatment instead if you must, it is much better. I tried YAG and ExcelV but my favorite is IPL. But make sure not to do high setting. IPL is the only laser that didn't leave me with new veins in place of the ones it removed. Tiny non-pigmented dents in skin texture may be expected from any such treatment, though. But I'll take that over veins and redness any day.

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    Default Run for the hills...

    Veinwave / Veingogh / Thermavein (whatever they brand it as) leaves scars...period ... no matter what they say in the marketing.... i have the scars on my nose to prove it!
    Stick to lasers and ipl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CONTACTMC View Post
    What did you end up doing?
    Couleur's last post was in this thread posted on July 3, 2013. Couleur has a total of 13 posts as of this date.
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    Smile Just to be awkward...

    Just to be awkward... I had good results with the two Tthermavein sessions I had. I had them to get rid of the fairly sizeable and very visible (looked like big red dots) bundle of spider angiomas and thread veins I had all around the nostrils and tip of my nose due to flushing. My regular IPLs weren’t able to target that area as the head of the device is too big.

    Perhaps it’s all down to the practitioner? Mine was done by a nurse who I really trust. She did also treat a couple of larger thread veins on my cheeks whilst she was at it... I would say that, on the cheeks, it hurt about the same as IPL, but on the tip of the nose it was tear inducing... it’s such a sensitive area.

    I did have way more post procedure redness than Thermavein’s website suggests, but I always expect the ‘more’ syndrome because I have reactive, rosacea skin. If I recall correctly, it took a couple of weeks for the redness to subside completely. But there was no post procedure discomfort.

    Would I do Thermavein again? Yes, for the area around my nose, no for the cheeks as I don’t think I got much benefit there, possibly because the post procedure redness was enough to either refill those treated capilaries with blood or replace them with new ones.

    The thread veins on my nose never came back... maybe because for some reason I didn’t have any post procedure redness there, despite it being the least comfortable area to treat.... Although I will add that if one gets regular nose flushes then of course, eventually those pesky caps will reappear, how ever we get rid of them.

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