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Hi all, I am new to the forum, and I wanted to ask you all if you have heard of a new product called Cliradex and what you thought of it? My eye doctor recommended it to me as part of my hygiene regimen for ocular rosacea. Thanks!
Hi there,

I'm also new to this forum and, sadly, have not been able to get much response. I have bad demodectic rosacea (looks like a chemical burn when it flares) with ocular involvement and have been battling it for a while. What has helped the most was deep cleansing with a clarisonic brush and soap with pyrithione zinc, cream from Hoskins in Australia and a combination of oral ivermectin twice a week and topical 5% permethrin. I did all of that without medical help since what dermatologists had tried (IPL and doxy) only made things worse.
Here's the strange thing...as my face has improved my eyes got much worse..almost as though the demodex found my face no longer "hospitable" so they fled to my eyes.

After tons of reading about Dr. Safran and Dr. Tseng's successes with tea tree scrubs, I've been doing that but found it wasn't helping much at all and, if anything, seemed to be burning and irritating my eyes. I finally found an ophthalmologist on the Cliradex site and saw him last week. By this time, I'd lost faith in tea tree oil and had no hope that Cliradex would help but bought a box, just to try. The first use was a little scary...major burning and bumps, like a bad allergic reaction. But about a minute later, it all went away and my eyes felt good and clear, not itchy for the first time in months. That night I used it on my face, too, with the same results..it really seems to kill demodex fast and was nothing like the usual tea tree oil. It's still early to be too optimistic but so far it's sort of miraculous. They told me at the office that it contains metaleuca which is in tea tree and not the tea tree oil, itself. But whatever, I'm hopeful again and plan to keep this product on hand forever. Too bad it's so expensive but when you're desperate...