I'm sort of self-diagnosed with Rosacea. I've been using Rozex for about 5 weeks now, and whilst it has taken some of the redness away, I'm not seeing a lot of progress. I've been reading a lot on this site and thanks to all who have posted advice, experiences etc. I have a few silly questions that I may find the answer to if I search enough on this site:
- Once diagnosed, will I ever come off Rozex? If under control do I still need to use twice a day? I don't like how it feels on my skin and dreading a lifetime of usage
- I haven't tried laser or anything else like that, but one of the skin salon girls told me that red light therapy is good, but blue light is more recommended for rosacea. I haven't come across blue light on this site, only yellow light. Does anyone have advice here?
- Lastly - we go on hot holidays annually, I've read that you can't be in the sun for 6mo after laser, and that you can't use Rozex - advice here would also be welcomed.

Thanks again for such a great site!