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Thread: Does this happen to people with Rosacea?

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    Default Does this happen to people with Rosacea?

    I noticed that I have a really pink/red face. It's not patchy or anything, pretty much everywhere except for around my eyes and a couple other places. The skin on my face totally doesn't match my body which is rather pale, so I have a pink face and I'm wondering if it's Rosacea or if it's just blood in my face for some reason.

    Earlier I put my fingers on my face and pressed in pretty hard, then took my fingers off. For a split second, the place where I pressed into my face became a normal color but soon went back to being red/pink. Or I can even scratch my face for 3-4 seconds and a few seconds later my face becomes lighter where I scratched. Does that happen to people with Rosacea?
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    That is very similar to my face, Except my face will sometimes be patchy. But I am still not 100% what my condition is so I cant say for sure if that has to do with rosacea or not. From what I know, that is a sign of rosacea for the skin to go back to normal color for a split second when you press on it because it is temporarily pushing the blood out of the dialated veins, but then it will quickly return. But as for the scratching, I would think that it would get more red where you just scratched not lighter..

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