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Thread: do you think i have rosacea, GP said i might.. I'm freaking out?

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    Default do you think i have rosacea, GP said i might.. I'm freaking out?

    so i went to my GP because I've been dealing with a skin condition for a while now. i basically get papules on my face, especially around my mouth and nose.. she said its either rosacea or acne.. I'm seeing a Derm in a month, but I'm freaking out!. i never thought id get rosacea as nobody in my family has it.. I'm of mediterranean descent so i tan very easily and can get really dark even though my natural skin tone is like pale olive skin.. I'm only 22 and i feel depressed.. i already have an anxiety/obssessive compulsive disorder and its just making it worse because its all i can think of and i googled pictures of rosacea, wish i didn't. now I'm scared that I'm gonna end up with severe rosacea, i read that it usually gets worse over time.. i don't really flush, but i do blush sometimes but its not rally facial blushing its mostly red blotched all over my neck, back, chest , sometimes face.. so this is what my face usually looks like photo.jpg so mild redness on my cheeks and broken capillaries under my nose (photo taken with a flash). but every once in a while it flares up and it lasts a week or two.. 8294786142_7d7eba13aa_b.jpg

    also my GP prescribed me finacea and 100mg of minocycline (I've been using both for 1 month now) is finacea an effective treatment or should i get photodynamic therapy?

    Thank You!

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    dont think u have rosacea.... could be acnes or something. for veins around your nose it could be Seborrhoeic dermatitis which is very common.

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    Stop freaking out. They really need to take down the scary pics they have up as examples of rosacea - those scared the crap out of me as well. You may have rosacea, but not every case is terrible and not all wind up horrible. Not sure why the medical community is so unhelpful on the one hand and mean/scare tactics on the other. Its not useful to any of us.

    Whatever you have, freaking out will cause it to get worse. Its natural to worry, but don't think worst case. Please. This forum is a great source of good, tangible help/news as opposed to many official sites with awful photos that stress that we are all DOOMED. I know exactly how you feel as I was the same way when I looked at those sites. Read through threads here and you will find people having successful outcomes. I have gotten the best advice here just lurking around for months and its made me feel much more in control and has helped me treat myself.

    Your pics don't really look like rosacea to me, but then I am not a doctor. If it is papo-pustular rosacea, apparently that is the most treatable type.
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