so i went to my GP because I've been dealing with a skin condition for a while now. i basically get papules on my face, especially around my mouth and nose.. she said its either rosacea or acne.. I'm seeing a Derm in a month, but I'm freaking out!. i never thought id get rosacea as nobody in my family has it.. I'm of mediterranean descent so i tan very easily and can get really dark even though my natural skin tone is like pale olive skin.. I'm only 22 and i feel depressed.. i already have an anxiety/obssessive compulsive disorder and its just making it worse because its all i can think of and i googled pictures of rosacea, wish i didn't. now I'm scared that I'm gonna end up with severe rosacea, i read that it usually gets worse over time.. i don't really flush, but i do blush sometimes but its not rally facial blushing its mostly red blotched all over my neck, back, chest , sometimes face.. so this is what my face usually looks like photo.jpg so mild redness on my cheeks and broken capillaries under my nose (photo taken with a flash). but every once in a while it flares up and it lasts a week or two.. 8294786142_7d7eba13aa_b.jpg

also my GP prescribed me finacea and 100mg of minocycline (I've been using both for 1 month now) is finacea an effective treatment or should i get photodynamic therapy?

Thank You!