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Thread: Newcome! Is this rosacea? (cheeks, pic)

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    Default Newcome! Is this rosacea? (cheeks, pic)

    Hey all -

    First time post. Does anyone with any experience know what is occurring on my cheeks? It always seems rough, reddish, large pores, bumpy and has an oily glare when i move my head around in the light, even oily looking/shiny when coming fresh out of the shower.

    Current routine:
    Benzoyl Peroxide 5% bar in the morning and at night.

    I've used Neutrogena Oil Free Face Wash before as well twice a day with the same issues of this always showing up.

    I just want smooth cheeks!

    Any ideas on what this looks like/could be?


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    Why are you using benzoyl peroxide? It is an aggressive treatment for acne - which it does not seem that you have from the picture.

    Benzoyl peroxide has a keratolytic (peeling) action which may account for the rough feeling of your skin after use and the oiliness may be a rebound reaction of your sebaceous glands having a constant attack by harsh topical medication.

    This is not medical advice but, may I suggest that you stop using all aggressive treatments for a time, perhaps not even using soap to wash you face, just plain water and patting dry (not scrubbing). Even though I am involved in the development of potential treatments of skin problems, I'm also an avid believer in "less is more" and feel that there is quite a lot of over-treatment in dermatology, not only medication but physical therapies as well.

    Be careful what you eat. There are loads of recommendations on the forum about diet and what is preferably omitted from your food consumption. Don't be too extreme in the first instance but you may well find that cutting out/cutting down junk and over-processed food and a healthier diet generally will do wonders for you.

    One final point - your face will look far worse to you in the mirror than it does to your friends.So, less mirror, more positivity

    Another thing - nothing is immediate with treating the skin. give it time.
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    I simply use it to control my oil production. I get a layer of shine and really spotty on the nose/cheeks after about an hour of applying salicyclic acid in the morning.

    The BP has seemed to help tremendously with controlling the oil production and the shine i typically receive.

    Perhaps you are right with the over doing the products... it's hard to remember the last time I just used plain water consistently.

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