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Thread: Back at square one yet again after a period of promise.....

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    Default Back at square one yet again after a period of promise.....

    This might be something of a ramble, but I feel a strong need to let some frustration out, so here goes....!

    Really it's an update on my situation over the past 2-3 months, which as the title suggests was promising for a while but once again hasn't 'kept it up'....

    My symptoms most closely fit rosacea subtype 2, but in reality my problem is confined to my nose; I get large, sore, inflamed, EXTREMELY red 'spots' on my nose. This link is the closest thing I've ever found to my symptoms. It's not me in the pictures, but it could at this evening, I have two of these beauties that have just erupted today.....

    I have a strong suspicion that a demodex 'allergy' of some description is at the root of my troubles (some of you I'm sure will have read me talk about this before, so I won't elaborate too much here). To this end, back in October time I had a short trial on topical crotamiton (eurax). I applied it daily for nine days, then discontinued it, for two reasons; firstly, because I had to discontinue all treatment in order to participate in the topical ivermectin trials (which is another story, but ultimately that came to nothing), and secondly because I found the treatment quite 'harsh' - I suspected that it was causing additional background redness. In spite of the apparent side effect, however, I did feel that the crotamiton was 'working', so to speak.

    Over the next few weeks, my face - mainly my inner cheeks and lower forehead - positively exploded with tiny red spots (papules). I had 'counts' done by derms on three occasions during this period, and each time I registered 30-40 papules on my face. This is NOT the natural state of my condition at all - my 'natural' problem is 1, 2 or 3 extremely severe 'spots' at any one time, never a large number of smaller ones like this. I surmised that this must have been demodex die-off brought about by the crotamiton.

    But this also tells me, if this theory is accurate, that the demodex lurking on my face away from my nose actually do me little harm under normal circumstances. There is something unique to the skin on my nose that causes the extreme symptoms that I suffer in that area.

    Anyway, I said this was going to be a ramble , after discontinuing the eurax, and failing to ever start the ivermectin trials, I decided to do nothing. Nothing. I had been applying one topical or another to my face on a daily basis for about two and a half years. I decided my skin needed a break. I even stopped washing my face - I now simply rinse it once daily in water, as opposed to washing twice daily with cleanser.

    And I made a prediction as to what would happen; I predicted that my face would slowly clear the 30+ 'unnatural' papules from my cheeks and forehead, and that for a short while my skin would look better than it had in ages! But before too long, I predicted, those blasted nose-spots would start up again.

    And here, 2 months or so down the line, that is exactly what has happened.

    My skin in general looks good - I honestly think the not-washing has helped. It's just my nose. Again. Back to square one.....

    I was so hoping that 'just stopping everything' might be the answer! It might sound foolish. But it briefly seemed like it might just be. Now, however, my symptoms are ramping up again.

    Who knows, maybe crotamiton, applied for 2-3 days every month or so might work (as some have found with the ivermectin)? I know I can't tolerate the stuff every day, but maybe in short, 'preventative' bursts like that it might be ok?

    I really don't want to return to the topical routine. It's felt so good just doing nothing to my face for two months! But it seems like I have no choice.

    Here we go again...........!

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    My commiserations. Although I also flush (ears in particular) Ė in a warm environment, my main problem area is the nose too. I have managed to gain some control over the p&pís (if thatís what they are) by regularly consuming fresh garlic, but a deep cystic Ďspotí will invariably put in an appearance once a month or so, take a long time to subside and almost always leave behind a permanent red mark. Iím quite keen on the Demodex theory too and recently applied a light coating of 1% Ivermectin (drops) to my face each night for a month with no apparent effect. I still get tickling/crawling sensations on my face from time to time but not to the same extent as before so I may continue to apply it once a week.

    Within the last couple of months Iíve started experiencing an occasional but pronounced tingling sensation at the tip of my nose which probably doesnít bode well!

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