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Thread: When to Rule Out Type 2 Rosacea

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    Default When to Rule Out Type 2 Rosacea

    I was diagnosed with this condition about six months ago. You can read about my history and see some pics in this thread.

    I went back to the derm today and now he wants me to stop the Finacea and start taking Zyrtec and apply Cloderm (topical steroid) when the bumps come up. I have also been using TTO diluted with jojoba oil for two weeks now. I will continue that. He wants me to call him if it doesn't clear in a month.

    When should I abandon the type 2 diagnosis and look at other options? I didn't even bring up demodex but the more I read about it, I think that might be the cause.

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    Default Similar

    Hello Alan
    My symptoms are very similar to yours. I also get pustules in the scalp, and only in the beard area. The lumps would generally arrive rapidly. When this initially started the lumps would arrive very aggressively and begin to ooze without healing. I started a brief and low dose of accutane and the amount of putules have reduced and it is now a rarity that they ooze. I have dry skin on my face, but I can't use any products with oil in them. The only moisturizer that I have been able to use is a Clean and Clear oil free one. Like you I was wondering what is actually causing this? I can't rule out it being food related, but my theory changes daily. Red meat appears to be a trigger, which makes me wonder whether it is due to the digestive function or is it hormones in the meat? I seemed to make some progress on accutane, so I'm wondering if it would be worth a long low dose course. I have a stressfull job, and I often have to remind myself to relax, I also believe that this is a contributory factor. I will follow your up dates. Good Luck.

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    So after a week, I can definitely say the Zyrtec has helped. I am still getting some small break outs but not the bigger ones that itch like crazy. I am not using the topical steroid that was prescribed and I am still using the Finacea and TTO.

    I also purchased some topical invermectin which I will start using today. I will start a separate thread detailing my use.

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