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Thread: Help....swelling I think..??

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    Default Help....swelling I think..??

    Hey there, I'm new to this forum and without going through my last yr of hell in detail il just state that I have been told I have roseaca though I have my doubts...!!

    My main problem is my forehead, I have rousanda of tiny spots come up on it on and off...mainly on and they itch as they appear so I feel then coming. I have found that when I mess around less with then they go quicker but I am always left with a red square patch central to my forhead where the spots always form, each time the redness seems to get worse...!! Anyw√*y, I can cope with spots although this does not sound typical if roseaca from what I've read but the more worry part is I have had a swelling above my left eyebrow since this all began about a yr ago...! This bothers me more than anything to b honest...! It fluctuates so I do not believe is skin thickening plus it feels tge same texture as the rest of my face/skin which I'm guessing skin thickening would not...

    Anyway, I understand that papular roseaca can also be accompanied by swelling tho I have no swellings anywhere else other than here...odd hey...! Anyone experience anything similar or heard of anything similar that they can help/advise me on...I'm considering ipl as on doxy at mo but don't want to do that if its not roseaca...god I'm in a mess...!!

    Any help appreciated...

    Thank u in advance...

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    Default Also...

    It's worth just adding when this began I was rubbing green tea bags on my face as heard was good for oily skin which I've always had (acne throughout teens) but that's when the tiny red spots started to appear..! No heads on them and thousands of them which make my head feel like brail...lovely..!!

    This is ruining my self esteem, give me my acne back any day, at least it was clear what that was and how to treat it was clear, this seems to erupt weekly...!!!


    Thk u....

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    Hi, thank you for your reply. I am aware of this condition as I do have it all over the backs of the top of my arms and over my thighs though they are a similar size to the ones i get on forehead they present differently and with the itching, swelling and red patch behind them also I kind of ruled this out. My derm did notive my arms and and told me about this condition though stated it was not that on my face.

    It truly is mind boggling, I think i definately have some roseaca as I do flush now and then with the common triggers but I truly believe that what is happening on my forehead is different to what is happening on cheeks and other facial areas as I can control the others.

    I am back to the derm beginning of Febuary for patch tests so I am praying something comes back from that to shed some light, like I say i can deal with spots and redness as I have done my whole life but swellings....really....nope! So worrying really, been almost a year since I noticed it and it almost feels like a lump...I think they need to take a biopsy personally.....

    Thank you for reply though, any other ideas....anyone?? ha!

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