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Thread: Accutane for Seborrheic Dermatitis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hennessy_beach View Post
    I'm happy

    Came home from college, spoke to an allergist, and talked to him about the apparent connection between carbs and my SD. He suggested that my SD might be symptomatic of a gluten intolerance, and advised me to go gluten-free for a week, then come back and see him.
    Prior to that first appointment, I had been cutting back on carbs, but hadn't completely eliminated them. The day before my appointment, I had MUNCHED some pad thai (loaded with gluten), which I hadn't had in 6 months and reallllly wanted haha. As a result, I had a moderate-high amount of redness/flaking when I saw him for the first time. Over the next week, I ate lots of meat, veggies, potatoes, dairy, and some candy, and to my astonishment/excitement/incredulity, my SD was GONE. And I mean GONE. My typically dry skin (legs and arms) was gone as well, along with my occasional bouts of hives. This is crazy! And I may have found my answer!

    It's not exactly fun going gluten-free, and it can be weird when eating with friends/family. Honestly I'm embarrassed to tell people, so I need to find a workaround when I eat with a group. Usually this involves ordering the chicken strips at a burger joint, or the wings at a pizza one, and occasionally just pretending that I'm not hungry. Pretending is easier than it would sound. One additional aspect of my gluten-free diet has been a SERIOUS reduction in appetite. This might sound awesome, but it's a problem for me. I'm trying to gain weight right now, and it's not fun force feeding myself just to maintain what I have.

    Anyway, the gluten-free approach is worth trying, but it's not going to work for everybody. I've done enough research to know that SD has a variety of systemic triggers, and only a fraction of us will benefit from this approach GOOD LUCK
    Amazing again! Good for you. I sure hope you find some peace with sharing this info with others. Gluten sensitivity is really more common then you might think. The more you talk about your experience and model your new choices, the more others might be encouraged to find out if they too are sensitive.

    I have grown to LOVE Quinoa and thought I'd pass this video along to encourage you to try it. It takes a bit to get the hang of cooking it. Sort'a like rice is tricky to cook. I buy it in the bulk bins because of the much better price. I start it soaking in the morning so it cooks quickly by evening. (Be sure to rinse it well) Look on youtube for all kinds of recipe ideas.

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    Default Initial flare up

    Quote Originally Posted by Snegovik View Post
    Accutane in a low dose was/is very effective for my SD. But in a low dose, and be prepared for some flare ups at first, if you try. A good cream to combine with can be useful.

    Best regards
    Hi Snegovik

    Can you tell me more about the initial flare ups? How long did it take before they kicked in? What dose were you on? How long did the flare ups last?

    Best regards


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    Just to add I used Isotretinoin for SD with pretty good results.

    I took 10mg/day for 2 months, and it's a very very slow process...but it worked very well. Don't quit.

    I guess it's gradual; first you see inflamation slowing down, then you get a lot of flaking (from the pill), then you stop the pill and flaking disappears (including the previous flaking from SD only)...and then VERY slowly redness starts to fade (even after stopping the pill).

    I guess it makes sense because Isotretinoin works indirectly for SD: the pill itself doesn't do nothing, but it reduces the oil that feeds the yeast, so the yeast dies, and all the process of healing starts...

    Well, it's just my testimonial, it might not work the same for everyone, but for those trying, don't quit and DON'T expect fast results: if you see a little improvement, it will probably work very well with time.

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    Default Re: Oily skin at 19

    Quote Originally Posted by johnabetts View Post
    Accutane is a very powerful drug and would be wary about using it for anything at all, certainly not mild acne and it isn't really on the list of drugs suitable for treating SD.

    At nineteen, it is normal for the skin to be somewhat oily and it may be that in a year or so the oiliness will resolve spontaneously.

    What treatments have you used for the SD? Possibly a different approach may be required.
    I'm sorry, Johnabetts. But it is NEVER normal for skin to be oily at 19 or any other age! That indicates a disease state, or hormonal imbalance!


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    OK, Jasmine 215, I'll change my wording in this ancient thread:

    At nineteen, it is common for the skin to be somewhat oily and it may be that in a year or so the oiliness will resolve spontaneously.

    That suit you?

    My opinion of Accutane remains the same - which was the real point of my post.

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    I wrote an accutane diary a year back, if of interest.

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