Greetings All!

I'm new to this forum; I have been dealing with Rosacea for a year and a few months and THOUGHT I had it under control...

After 6 months of embarrassing (to me) and bothersome symptoms, I sought medical advice -- my facial issue was Rosacea. I seemingly got it under control from simply adjusting my diet, consumption of alcohol, and balancing sun exposure. However, this past August, we became pregnant with child #2, and my face went berserk! No alcohol consumption, very limited caffeine intake, very healthy diet...but nothing seemed to matter; my right cheek (I'm only affected on one side) stays constantly inflamed. It drives me batty. I went back to the dermo, and he has prescribed me Azelex. According to my doc it has proven to have no effects upon the fetus and has proven effective for pregnant women in reducing redness and controlling the bacteria's effects. He also suggested to increase my Vitamin D intake as there is much research showing benefit for the baby and for the mother during and post pregnancy. However, I have been reading mixed reviews with Vitamin D and Rosacea?

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for dealing with Rosacea during pregnancy? My first pregnancy was smooth sailing and my skin was better than ever! This one...not so much