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Thread: Been struggling for years now - flushing - would love to hear your thoughts :)

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    Default Been struggling for years now - flushing - would love to hear your thoughts :)

    Hi guys,

    This is going to be quite a long post so PLEASE do bare with me

    For the past 3 /4 years I've been struggling with a condition where I flush. This mostly happens in warm environments and when I'm stressed. The fact that I work in PR and live in England where the damn central heating is always on doesn't help.

    Anyway, I NEVER used to have an issue and then out of nowhere it started happening. I've always suffered with anxiety / confidence issues due to acne in my teens but I took accutane and am clear now and have been for the past 14 months. When my confidence was at it's lowest and I was the most anxious I NEVER used to flush from acne.

    Then one day it started happening and there are two things I can put it down to - 1. Using LOADS of benzoyl peroxide daily, I have very fair skin and feel this aggrieved it terribly. I use to flush and always put it down to the burning sensation caused my BP.

    So I came off BP and it wasn't as bad but still there...I also took a course of Doxycycline and Enthromycin for my skin (never flushed before I took these)

    Anyway, I'm now in a situation where I've had 100's of doctors appointments and eventually coughed up the money to go private and see an Immunologist. He was fantastic and came to the conclusion that I have rosacea (my skin doesn't look likeI have it but I do flush very easy)

    Life's hard as I avoid so many foods, most noticeably Gluten / wheat and for the most part foods high in salycilates (Almost all fruit and some veg - lots of nuts, mushrooms etc)

    I find if I do this the flushing is 'manageable' - it's always there to an extent though (my face burning up)

    I'm currently taking 75mg clonodine daily and it IS helping but the side effects are dreadful. Dry eyes, dry mouth, tiredness, constipation, headaches, slight libido loss...

    I now have to decided, should I try and SSRI? They scare the HELL out of me..., will I be on it for life? Will I get more side effects?

    Secondly, could this all be down to seriously overusing Benzoyl Peroxide? Are there are red light or laser treatments that could bring my skin back to the level of tolerance it was before I slapped all the chemicals on it?

    I'd LOVE to hear some of your thoughts and hope you guys don't mind if I also post this in the general sub-forum.

    Peace out


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    Hi mate

    Seems you have Subtype 1 Rosacea .....

    I have had this condition for 17 years ......I tried every type of laser ......IPL ...V-Beam

    I wasted thousands of dollars ...Biggest waste of money and time ever ...and It made my skin uneven looking

    Like yourself my biggest Trigger is heat and warm rooms ..

    And I need to keep the Sun away from my face ..

    I eat what I want in moderation ....I will have 2 or 3 beers every sat ...anymore I will get rebound flushing the next day

    I don't take any medication and I wont ...

    I have fair skin also and basically all the crap I put on my skin as a teenager caused this

    So I know where you are coming from .....

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    No doubt about it

    that stuff you were using for spots and acne caused the problem you are faced with now

    A even bigger problem then acne

    So the Cooler your environment the less Flushing you will do

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    Thanks guys.

    Would love to hear opinions on potential skin damage from Benzoyl Peroxide / what ssri you'd recommend.

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