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Thread: Paleo Diet For Seb Derm

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    Default Paleo Diet For Seb Derm

    I have been on the Paleo diet for almost 5 weeks now and can tell you that it is really helping with my seb derm. I also take a whole food multi vitamin, flaxseed oil, b complex, and biotin. Also there is this drink called Good Belly that has probiotics in the juice that seems to help me too. I recommend that everyone look into their lifestyle choice when it comes to food and stop relying on a doctor to give you medicines to treat symptoms instead of treating the source of the problem - which seems to be linked to inflammation from the foods we eat (digestive and immune).

    Here is a good study I suggest you read over...not advertising their products at all...just their food suggestions.

    I also use an anti redness serium from time to time...and if things ever feel bad I do use what the doctor gave me (ketoconazole).

    We all need to understand that we have to fight against the source and not against the symptoms.

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    That was a excellent report you linked. Thank you. I agree with your assessment about treating the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.

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