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Thread: Invisible Zinc cream (a good concealer)

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    Default Invisible Zinc cream (a good concealer)

    Hi all,

    I know there has been a lot said about zinc creams, but i thought i would give my feedback on it after using it consistently for 1 week. I have been using the tinted daywear medium spf Invisible Zinc.

    Quick background - I am a subtype 1 rosacean and my main concern of late has been a little redness and changes with my nose. My nose has become pinkish across the bridge and the sides have become very dry with the skin feeling rubbery (if that is how can describe it).

    I have become a little self conscious about the pinkishness on the nose. I have always been one for not wanting to hide or cover anything for fear of 1. hiding something 2. being a male, i am concerned about putting something on my face which can be noticed. Anyway, i took the plunge and decided to cover up with the zinc. I only use a very thin layer and it is amazing how well it blends into my skin. When i look in the mirror i can barely notice it and i have to look very close to certain parts of my nose to see if i have something on. I asked my friend (a male) if he noticed i had zinc cream on my nose and he couldn't see it. I would be totally confident wearing it out at night if i were to go on a date. The benefit i didn't really expect was that it has made my nose, especially the dry skin on the side feel much better. My dryness I had (i tried 2 different moisturisers prior to this) has gone and my nose feels very smooth all over. I am also finding that the slight stinging/tingling feeling I had, has subsided to a point where my nose feels perfectly normal to touch. I was not really aware of the values/benefits of zinc until i read other reviews. I am guessing that this is no fluke and the zinc cream that i use is obviously benefiting me.

    Girls, i have posted something similar on another post, but i really want to know about daily cleansing of something like this. Can i just use a gentle cleanser and use my hand to wipe it off OR should i get cotton buds or something to wipe it off. I think i would like to use the zinc most days mainly because it seems to benefit my skin, but i don't want to clog my pores.



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    Hi I use a moisturizer with zinc in it (I used this prior to getting rosacea and its the only one that doesn't sting) and I agree that the zinc is an aid in calming and repairing the skin. This was a happy accident for me. I remove by washing gently with CeraVe hydrating cleanser as this is also very soothing to my skin and again, it doesn't sting. Gentle washing should remove the tinted zinc well enough, I take my eye makeup off the same way. You can use just your hands , but do not scrub your skin and use warmish water. Some people sleep with clear zinc cream on to treat as well. I don't think it will clog your pores.

    Hope this helped
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    Hi Ginger, thanks for the reply. I didn't think i was going to get one. The cleansing/getting off the suncream is a concern of mine. I too would also like to have it on while i sleep (clear zinc) but would be too concerned about clogging. However, it is a moisturiser as well, so may be worth a try.

    Thanks again!

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    I have been using Invisible Zinc everyday for many years. Personally I think it is a brilliant product. I just use Cetaphil in the shower to wash it off. It never seems to clog pores. A big tip is to make sure you have plenty of time on the expiry date. The closer to the date the thicker and gluggier it is. It is yuck. It should go on like foundation. I often add a bit to my foundation(at night) as my foundation goes on better. I don't feel the need to wear foundation when I have the Invisible Zinc on.

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