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Thread: Is this rosacea, or something else? (face pics)

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    Default Is this rosacea, or something else? (face pics)

    I'm trying to treat the complexion on my face, and would like to know if indeed it's what I suspect it to be - I'm thinking either rosacea or psoriasis.

    Here are pics in its flared up state:


    Some other information that may help determine what it is:
    - Sometimes it's completely dorment and sometimes it gets flared up.
    - When it gets flared up, it's usually by stress, and/or by dehydration.
    - I have a genetically heightened risk of psoriasis (22.4% vs an 11.4% average).
    - Whatever it is, it only occurs on certain regions of my face.

    Thank you all! Determining what this is would greatly help me.

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    It looks and sounds from your description like seborrhoeic dermatitis.

    It isn't possible to give a proper diagnosis over the Internet and I suggest that you visit a healthcare professional for confirmation.

    In the mean time, you could try applying an antifungal cream to the outbreaks. I won't do any harm and may do a lot of good. Do keep applying for seven days even if it appears to have cleared.

    Disclaimer: Please note that any treatments suggested by me are exactly that: suggestions only. You are advised to satisfy yourself that any products are suitable for your use and if you are in any doubt, obtain local recommendations from a health professional.

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