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Thread: Good Derm in Toronto? I'm living a nightmare

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    Default Good Derm in Toronto? I'm living a nightmare

    I am having a very difficult time with my condition. I'm looking for a good dermatologist in Toronto.

    I have seen three so far...each one worse than the last.

    I noticed one of my cheeks getting bumpy and really red in the December 2011 when coming in from the cold.

    Saw Derm #1 a month later (January 2012). He diagnosed seb derm (he's right about that part) and prescribed Ketoderm 2% cream. As far as the rosacea portion he told me I just have a red face and to come back for laser treatments if I'm not happy after 6 weeks of Ketoderm cream. It was now March 2012 and decided against getting laser as the waiver they ask you to sign is kind of scary and the bumps had somewhat subsided, the redness was still there.

    March 2012 - August 2012: Everything was fine. Things going well, redness was kind of faint, no bumps.

    September 2012 - And the nightmare begins. Redness starts to creep in on the one cheek and both sides of my forehead. Went to my GP and she asked if I'd like a second opinion (Ketoderm was not helping).

    Late October 2012: Derm #2 diagnoses seb derm + rosacea. Prescribes Protopic once a day in the evening and La Roche Rosaliac UV/Anti-redness mositurizer during the day. Proptic is a harsh medication that the skin does not easily absorb. Once applied it stays there for hours looking like it had just been applied when in reality it has been on your face for a long period of time, it also makes you want to itch your face like crazy. Regardless I took the medication. The La Roche moisturizer helps with masking redness but I found that I would feel really hot for the first 15 minutes after applying and it sometimes doesn't feel good on my face.

    Used Protopic for a month and went back to see Derm #2. I was still getting the pimples associated with rosacea in new areas of my face where I was not using Protopic and in places where I was using the cream. Asked the derm if there was anything else I could do to improve upon this. What can I do to PREVENT the pimples from popping up because they leave permanent redness behind. Is there a pill I could take? Derm said "no pill, keep taking the cream" or get laser treatment.

    I went back to my GP and explained to her that I feel like time is a major factor. I see these pimples showing up in new places and leaving permanent redness behind. I need to do something to stop it. It's taking over my face. Can you send me to see someone else?

    So off to Derm #3 I went. Saw her one week before Christmas 2012 (just last week). She prescribed ted-doxycline (antibiotics) and HC in Noritate CR. She mentioned that it was two creams mixed together, one of which was hydro-cortizone (steroid)to knock down the bumps/pimples. I had read about how some people will not take this and as I left her office I was contemplating whether I should take it...or not. I ended up taking it because I'm desperate and my face is horrid beyond belief.

    THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! In less than 24 hours both sides of my face and forehead had exploded with bumps and pimples. The cheek that had first flared up last year was swollen. My face has never looked worse, ever. I used this garbage for 4 nights until I was finally able to get back in to see her on December 24 after begging the receptionist for an appt.

    Derm takes one look at my face and says "this wasn't unexpected" and that "she's not surprised". Told me to get back to using Protopic and the garbage steroid cream concoction. it'll get worse before it gets better she said. I was completely floored and shocked that after seeing my face blow up like a meatball that she would tell me to keep taking this garbage. What I expected to hear her say was that not every med is right for everybody and to stop using it. But no, she went the other route and told me to keep taking it as well as the Protopic and moisturizer.

    I immediately called my GP's office and got an appt. for this Friday to seek yet another referral to see Derm #4.

    My condition is now bordering on extreme. I feel like my picture could go on wikipedia under the "rosacea untreated" photos. Only differences is that mine has been my detriment.

    Has anyone in Toronto had a positive experience with a derm in this city or surrounding area? Is there anyone you guys can recommend?

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    I can't speak out of personal experience but I heard a lot of good things about Dr. Paquin, have you tried her yet? I asked my GP to see her and they booked me in for late March though, argh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
    I can't speak out of personal experience but I heard a lot of good things about Dr. Paquin, have you tried her yet? I asked my GP to see her and they booked me in for late March though, argh!
    I have not seen her but did read some good thing about her.

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