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Thread: What are the most recent recommendations for IPL settings?

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    Question What are the most recent recommendations for IPL settings?

    Hey everyone. I have diffuse redness and some spider veins on my face. I had an IPL done a few years ago and had pretty good results for just one treatment. However I went in and let them do their thing, so I have no idea what settings were used. The machine was a Sciton BBL.

    Well some years later the redness has come back to what it was before, and I'm planning to get a few IPLs again. I'm going to ask them what settings they will use on me before they do it.

    I have read through the IPL readings and many forum posts, but a lot of it seems quite old. If you guys could update me on some recent recommendations, it would make me feel a lot more informed. From what I understand there is wavelength setting and a joules setting.

    What is the range of appropriate wavelength and joules settings for the face? Good starting points?

    And what is the range of appropriate settings for the decollatege/upper chest area? My skin seems pretty thin there and I want to be careful.

    Ears? I have cherry red ears 24/7. I see conflicting info on whether this should be done on the ears at all.

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    It isn't possible to give a meaningful answer to your question.

    Laser settings depend on so many variables - your skin colour/ethnicity, "wellness" of your skin, severity of your condition, your overall health, your age and so on.

    You have to rely the recommendations of the technician or practitioner to get the correct laser settings.

    I suggest you have a test patch before the whole treatment is carried out.

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