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Thread: whatever happened to Peter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by man_from_mars View Post
    Holy cow - Peter is still alive
    Yep just about

    Battling Barry?

    I wouldn't claim to be a specialist or expert in anything and certainly with red light it was one of those options that was worth a try if you felt it could help. I am out of touch now but it is still nice to read that some people do get positive results, although as with any rosacea treatment it will not suit everybody.

    No I didn't keep in touch with TP but agree she gave a lot of help whenever she could. Very intelligent, funny, kind and caring. Hope she is well and enjoying life.

    I have lost contact with many people now and sometimes it was my fault, mainly through lack of time. I was aware that some members from here joined me on the Topix Rosacea Forum, when Nase was trying to hold court there, being it was the only place he hadn't been banned from. It took a while but it was worth the effort exposing his lies yet again - but that's another story.

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    Sorry meant battling Brady. The Rosacea Topix site was always good for laughs.

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