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Thread: Sansrosa (more info)

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    Had a laser treatment yesterday and my doc started talking about a topical for flushing coming out any day now. When I expressed my skepticism he said no no it's coming by end of year. Don't know if thats true or if we're even talking about the sansrosa but I think a buzz in the medical community is a good sign.

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    It doesn't look hopeful for this year as the medical trials for Phase 3 are still on going according to the clinical trials website. Also it appears that a few more sites may have been added to the original roll out of the Phase 3 trials and is currently showing an estimated completion date of October 2013, whereas it was previously June 2013. Not the news any of us were hoping for but hopefully the wait will be worth it and it won't be too long!

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    i asked dr chu about this when i saw him last week and he said that it is due to be released at the end of this year however this will be in the USA most likely and he doesnt anticipate it being available here in the UK until early 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucy_nic87 View Post
    i asked dr chu about this when i saw him last week and he said that it is due to be released at the end of this year however this will be in the USA most likely and he doesnt anticipate it being available here in the UK until early 2014
    That's certainly encouraging to hear! I just hope that it is as good as we all hope after this long a wait! I am getting slightly carried away and excited at the thought of not having a nasty red face by this time next year!

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    i am also looking forward to this release. i'm somehow also a little bit fed up with this long long process. we always here that something is going on, but it's just somehow strange that we don't get any informations from galderma about the product. Not even on the homepage. It would be cool to here some feedbacks from some patients who have been treated with the product during the studys. but somehow they don't exist in this forum.

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    A recent report in David Pascoe's Rosacea News there is yet another Galderma clinical trial started on Brimonidine Tartrate.

    This seems very odd to me - setting up a new clinical trial at this late stage to see if the product works against a placebo. To my mind it is the first clinical trial that should determine the viability of a product, not several trials down the line.

    Clinical trials are not cheap and seemingly to do so many before determining whether a product works or not strikes me something of desperation. Is the therapeutic effect of Brimonidine so small that they have still no statistical (or more realistically, patient in use evidence) that the stuff actually does something - and does it without unacceptable side effects?

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    Does seem a little bit odd, but as posted in that blog, maybe it's primary purpose is for marketing purposes. Is it encouraging to see the testing conducted in the UK, as well as other countries, does this mean the UK and the NHS are likely to invest in the topical solution if it is proven successful?

    I am really tempted to apply, when it is available but I would be extremely disappointed if I received the placebo.

    Also I am not entirely clear on Biromidine's abilities in preventing flushing associated with Rosacea, for example I have very bad flushing of the cheeks, to the point where it burns when I do intense exercise. Is this something the topical solution could prevent?!

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    Default Mirvaso

    I have found a post from 27.06.2013 from a lady in a German rosacea forum that she contacted Galderma and asked them about their bimonidine product. Sho got the answer that this product will be on the market in the first quater in 2014 and that the name will be "MIRVASO". I did not had the time to do a big search in the internet but found a press release from a german dermatologist where he mentions MIVASO-Creme for the treatment of erythema which helps to keep away the redness for about 12 hours. I translated it by google translator and I will contact german Galderma and ask them about MIRVASO. Would be really great to have this medication soon.

    Date: 15.01.2013 18:49
    Health & Medicine
    Press release from:
    Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt / dermatologist am Dom in Munich
    PR Agency: Peter Sechehaye PR
    Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from rosacea. Those mysterious skin disease
    Ge-face, which often initially extended only by capillaries and redness (rosacea) on
    to draw attention, but in the later stages of inflammation, pustules and
    Growths can cause great distress.
    Approximately 5 million people in Germany suffer from rosacea. It is to be
    probably a genetic disorder of the sebaceous glands skin regions
    in medium-sized face. You can run extremely chronic - untreated
    is even the risk of serious disfigurement.
    Rosacea usually breaks out in the second half of life, affects both sexes
    equally often, but usually more severe in men runs. "The cause is unclear, apparently
    is an impaired vascular regulation in the face - the vessels are set to far - with
    subsequent inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the mechanism in motion, "explains Dr.
    Hans-Ulrich Voigt. Coffee, tea, and especially alcohol, hot spices, heat and
    Cold exposure, prolonged sunbathing, sauna and stress can provoke the disease
    and deteriorate. An immune deficiency, and gastrointestinal disturbances such as of infestation
    also with the yeast Candida albicans and the bacterium Helicobacter as
    Triggers of discussion.
    The following characteristics are typical of rosacea:
    1 Stage:
    Telangiectasia (enlarged veins)
    Extensive redness on the cheeks and the
    Nasal skin, especially noticeable when the temperature changes and Akoholkonsum.
    2 Stage:
    In addition, nodules and pustules to inflammatory plates (purulent inflammation)
    3 Stage:
    Proliferation of sebaceous glands with coarsening of the skin relief up to rhinophyma
    (Bulbous nose), especially in men.
    In the wake of rosacea and eye diseases such as can-lid margin, conjunctiva and
    Keratitis, iritis also rarely occur. This
    Eye symptoms are diagnosed in about 50% of rosacea patients, at 20%
    go ahead even the skin.
    The good news: Early and consistent treatment with today's
    Th possibilities of medicine and cosmetics is successful in most cases!
    Page 1
    - In the first stage, an IPL or laser therapy, dilated capillaries and the
    Reduce or eliminate more blood flow to the skin. A strong permanent
    Gesichtsrö processing or attacks of redness (flushing) may since with the latest
    Alpha-blockers Bri-monidin (Mirvaso cream) effectively treated (for 12 hours).
    - In the second stage, a topical anti-inflammatory therapy is recommended first.
    Da at the agent is applied metronidazole in a low fat cream. In a
    stronger inflammatory course can additionally containing pimecrolimus cream (Elidel)
    are used to, another option is azelaic acid (Finacea Cream). To
    Have acceleration of Abhei-ment of inflammatory and suppurative lesions
    Also wet compresses with green tea or black tea proven (30 minutes daily).
    In severe infections, the inner administration of doxycycline or minocycline
    about 4-8 weeks then unfortunately unavoidable. These antibiotics are also at
    Eye involvement used. New is a microencapsulated Doxycyclinpräparat
    (Orayzea), which contains only 20% of the usual dose of substance - at the same
    Efficiency. Here, the anti-inflammatory effect is only used, the antibiotic
    Effect (with the appropriate side-effects) does not apply.
    In very severe cases that can not be controlled with the above medications
    are, the patient has vitamin A acid (isotretinoin, eg Aknenormin, Isotret Hexal above,
    before taking Roaccutane). Since this treatment is relatively massive and continuously
    Requires blood tests, it really makes sense, but only in extreme cases.
    - In treatment-resistant cases may also be infected with Demodex Haarbalgmilbe
    follicurorum be the trigger. These mites are found in 20-30% of patients -
    Ge certainty here brings a light microscopy or histological examination
    (Histology). For the treatment of mites, there are special means (such as permethrin,
    - In the third stage are surgical measures for the removal of proliferated
    Sebaceous glands sometimes unavoidable. They are now mainly with the erbium: YAG
    and CO2 laser performed, sometimes enough dermabrasion, in rare cases,
    the tissue has to be removed with a scalpel.
    - If a yeast infection of the gastrointestinal tract diagnosed, it must be nutritionally
    also be treated and medication.
    - Gentle care: Rosacea patients should be at home on a consistent, specific
    Customized facial skin care situation. Recommended are mild cleaning
    and skin care products that will not irritate your skin and give her a lot of moisture. Creams
    Do not be too rich (oil-in-water emulsions instead of water-in-oil creams) and
    contain no mineral greases petrolatum base, better physiological, ie
    organic fats. Products that contain alcohol, perfumes, menthol or eucalyptus oil,
    are taboo. Ideally cosmetics with soothing substances. Many manufacturers now offer
    have special lines of rosacea.
    Page 2
    - Anti-aging in moderation: Who does not dispense despite rosacea on anti-aging products
    like: "anti-aging ingredients can be quite used to a limited extent
    be, "says Dr. Voigt. "Permits are for example anti-inflammatory polyphenols from
    Green Tea or Coffee Berry extracts and vitamins A and E. Vitamin C is contrast with
    Enjoy caution. Prohibited are all mechanical anti-aging procedures such as
    Scrubs. "
    - Unfortunately prohibited: Even if it's not so difficult: sunlight, saunas, icy wind
    skiing and alcohol are on the Red List. If anything sun,
    necessarily use special fat-free products with a high SPF. With
    Iciness is worth a cold cream, but the home must quickly down again,
    Otherwise heat build-threatening.
    - Spa Treatment: Very soothing for rosacea is a regular cosmetic
    Ge supervisory treatment and massage. This application with a kind of
    Lymphdrainagebehand-ment of the face can be compared, going to the Danes
    Paul Søbye back.
    This release was published on openPR.
    Press contact:
    Peter Sechehaye PR
    Mannhardtstraße 8
    80538 Munich
    Phone 089/27 27 26 20
    Email peter.sechehaye @
    Aesthetic competence center in the heart of Munich
    Whether syringe, scalpel or heat - never was beauty medicine so gentle and yet so
    effective as today for Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt, Munich, it goes without saying,
    always to be on the most current scientific knowledge and this knowledge with his
    To share patient. In his practice, for each patient, an individual
    Treatment concept created. Here, new surgical procedures, the latest
    Medical technology and professional anti-aging treatments combined. Under
    specialist medical supervision of Dr. Voigt is at the center in his skin "Dermatology
    Dom "and in the adjoining beauty salon" Kosmed "a broad
    Anti-aging program offered.
    Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt
    Wine Route 7a
    80333 Munich
    Phone 089/29 96 57

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    Excellent news from the above post!

    Please can the above poster keep us up to date on their progress with contacting Galderma, I'm sure everyone on this board would appreciate it!

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    Default clinical trial phases.

    There was an interesting article in yesterday's NY times titled "do clinical trials work". Unfortunately I'm not computer savy enough to upload the entire article, but the author describes the last phase (3) of clinical trials as follows "Most experimental drugs fail before they make it to phase 3. The few that make it to phase 3 are then tested in hundreds or thousands of patients. This time the outcomes for those taking the new drug are typically compared head-to-head with outcomes for those getting a placebo or the standard-of-care therapy. Generally the FDA requires that 2 "adequate and well controlled" trials confirm that a drug is safe and effective before it approves it for sale". So this second third trial so to speak may not be a bad sign. Unfortunately the author goes on to say that a 2005 study showed that when a drug was tested using a larger sample of patients the "initial finding was contradicted in 12% of patients and that "23% of patients found the benefit to be less than half of what was first reported". Those are some high numbers so fingers crossed

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