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Thread: Help PLease! Looking for a Rosaea specialist in Northern W. Virginia/Western PA

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    Default Help PLease! Looking for a Rosaea specialist in Northern W. Virginia/Western PA

    Please help if you can! I need to find a someone who specializes in rosacea and autoimmune diseases in either western PA, WV or anywhere I can drive to such as Cleveland Clinic or John Hopkins if there is no one in my area.

    My dermatologist in WV has told me there is nothing more he can do for me this week. I'd started seeing him in March of this year (6 monthhes ago) with nothing more than a swollen spot below my eye on my right cheek and was put on metrocream. Because of concerns of it affecting my eye was prescribed doxycycline at 50 and 100 mg for one month and then 200 mg a day for 5 months after. Just stopped taking it after experiencing extreme sensitivity to sun and artificial lights about a week ago in addition to severe flushing and burning, swelling throughout my face, and dry eyes and have been held up in my darkened house for most of the days. Used to be healthy and very active just a couple months ago --tennis, biking, football and basketball with my son and his friends with no sensitivity to light. Dermatologist said he wonders if it might be Sjogerns Syndrome. Oh, yeah, now taking erythomiacin 250mg twice a day now.

    If anyone has any recomendations for a good doctor close to my area (or anywhere, I would travel for someone knowledgeable) or any advice in general, please let me know! I would so appreciate it! I wonder how I will get through this, but have to try and find a way for my son and husband.

    Thank you in advance,

    Jane F.

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    Here is a list of rosacea specialists you can browse through that may be within driving distance of your location. Dr. Stratton is at Vanderbilt. Dr. Brodell is in Ohio. Dr. Fleischer is at Wake Forest. Dr. Fowler is in Kentucky.
    Brady Barrows
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    Thanks Brady for your quick response. I really appreciate the help with this! The doctor in eastern Ohio is closest to me so I'll be looking to get in with him.

    Thank you again so much!

    Jane F.

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