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Thread: New to the forum: rosacea and doxycycline dosage

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    Cool New to the forum: rosacea and doxycycline dosage

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a couple of questions, and I am not sure that my dermatologist or doctors have seen cases like mine.

    I originally went to a dermatologist in March to address pressure and swelling in my face, directly below my right eye only. There were no other significant symptoms of rosacea at the time except for mild blushing.

    I was diagnosed with rosacea and prescribed metro cream.

    Shortly after, I visited my eye doctor to address the pressure in my right eye, and when I told her about the rosacea, she prescribed doxycycline at 50 mg per day. About a month later, in an attempt to address continued facial swelling and painful pressure in the eye, my eye doctor increased the prescription to 100 mg doxycycline a day. I visited my dermatologist again, who upped the prescription to 100 mg twice a day (200 mg a day), which I have been on for the past five months.

    My symptoms never went away and progressed, and about two weeks ago, I have developed an extremely low tolerance to light, including artificial light (very painful burning in the face and both eyes). I have covered all of the windows in my house and I stay indoors until after dark in order to get some relief. Are you aware of other people having a similar reaction at this high dosage level of doxycycline (200 mg/day)?

    I am considering reducing my doxycycline to 100 mg per day (maybe 50 mg per day if all goes well), but I am wondering if there are cases where people have had an adverse reaction to reducing doxycycline at these levels while the rosacea symptoms have not yet receded.

    Sorry for such a long post and my rosacea life story. Thank you for any help that you can offer!

    Jane F

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    Default Sounds a bit high

    I've just been prescribed Doxy 100mg for a month, with a 'loading phase' of 200mg for the first week. I don't think one should continue on a dose of 200mg - just from a lot of research I've done. Sorry I can't be more help.

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    Thank you for the reply, jenbenn. You confirmed my own feelings. One doctor that I saw indicated that I might need to take the high dosage for the rest of my life, but even with the high dose, my symptoms have worsened. I think its time to try something else.

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