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Thread: My story, two months after diagnosis. Life goes on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christine123 View Post
    Brady: The fact of the matter is that sugar and most grains are both acidic and inflammatory by nature. Since rosacea is an inflammatory condition, it's pretty much a no-brainer that anything that promotes inflammation will make rosacea worse. Also, gorging on acidic foods upsets the pH balance of the body and leads to more acidic tissues which also triggers more inflammation. So basically to tell people to 'gorge on inflammatory foods and if your rosacea suffers from it, oh those foods cause rosacea!" is not really finding the solution to the problem. It's not the whole story. If that was the whole story then everyone in NA would have rosacea from eating sugar and carbohydrates in excess. Another person could just as legitimately say, 'stay out of the sun at all times for a month and then after that, go in the sun as much as you want to and if your rosacea gets worse, then you know the sun is the problem! The problem usually lies somewhere else. A trigger does not equate with cause and merely avoiding triggers does not address the root issue. Sure, in the case of sugar and carbohydrates, you will undoubtedly be healthier by not eating them to excess but that doesn't explain why rosacea seems to randomly show up in certain people despite the fact that 99% of people in NA eat way more than your recommendation of carbohydrates and sugars.

    Again, reducing triggers does not address the root cause but of COURSE will benefit rosaceans. Also, if beating that drum for 15 years has not produced a cure, then perhaps it's time to start playing another? Avoiding sugar is good advice for everyone and will probably benefit people's health no matter what condition they have, but I think most people here would much rather have remission than having to resort to a militaristic strictness on their diet for the rest of their life.
    I have never said or written anything that suggests that sugar (or carbohydrate) causes rosacea. You are jumping to a conclusion that I have never promulgated. Trigger avoidance is a widely accepted treatment for rosacea. One common trigger is excessive heat such as saunas or hot baths. Avoiding excessive heat is a way to control rosacea through trigger avoidance. Suggesting a trigger avoidance such as excessive heat doesn't mean implying that it is the cause of rosacea. Trigger avoidance is usually suggested by dermatologists who parrot the trigger list the NRS promulgates and many of these triggers are diet related. The first ones on the NRS list are liver, yogurt and sour cream. Now how did these get on the list? They were suggested by anecdotal reports collected by the NRS. Does this mean that if you eat liver, yogurt or sour cream that you will have a rosacea flare up? No. It just means that a number of rosaceans suggested these as rosacea triggers. Does this mean that since liver, yogurt and sour cream are on the NRS rosacea trigger list that these three items cause rosacea or at the 'root cause' ? Hardly. I suggested that sugar and carbohydrate are rosacea triggers over thirteen years ago and this suggestion is as valid as liver, yogurt and sour cream, if not more so, because there are a number of anecdotal reports in this forum and elsewhere that they are indeed rosacea triggers. Try to find a thread on liver, yogurt or sour cream. Can't find one? Wonder why? It is on the NRS trigger list? Why doesn't anyone discuss any of these three foods as a rosacea trigger? Now, search for threads on sugar and rosacea in this forum. Notice how many report that these are rosacea triggers. Why doesn't the NRS list sugar or carbohydrate as rosacea triggers? The RRDi does list both sugar and carbohydrate as rosacea trigger. And you will find nothing written that says either one causes rosacea either by me or the RRDi. They are simply potential rosacea triggers for some.

    No one is compelled to a militaristic strictness on their diet to control rosacea, any more than one has to take metronidazole, accutane, or low dose antibiotics for the rest of their lives. Everyone can choose how they want to control their rosacea. So far there is no cure for rosacea. A few have reported remission of their rosacea but usually in time rosacea returns. At this point there are only controls for rosacea. One of the missions of the RRDi is to find a cure. Do you see any advertisements for pharmaceutical rosacea drug treatment on the RRDi site? The RRDi is open to anyone who wants to post new ideas on how to treat rosacea.
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