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Thread: How I found out about the root cause of my Rosacea and How I got rid of the redness

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    Default How I found out about the root cause of my Rosacea and How I got rid of the redness

    I hope my story helps some of you.

    Here's my story:

    - In Jan of 2012, I finally went and saw my General doctor. She referred me to a specialists. On look at me, she said I have Rosacea. That was the first time I had heard the word Rosacea.
    - She prescribed me two medications. I will not name any commercial medication names in my post.
    - I was devastated. I would look at myself in the mirror every chance I would get to see the redness on my face...
    - I read every blog, every article that I could find.
    - I made a list of all the remedies that I had read in the blogs. I made a plan to try as many as I can.
    - I became a Vegan.
    - I kept my beautiful dog outside of the house (one of my worst decision). I would hardy touch and play with my dog.
    - I used the baking soda solution that I had read on NY times. Burned my face.
    - I got tested for every possible test that the hospital had for food allergies.
    - I tested my PH level.
    - I tested for Vitamin D deficiency and started taking it.
    - I tested for ulcer.
    - I started using the special soup everybody talks about.
    - I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
    - I used the medication for dog mites

    After 6 months, the redness was still there. The flareups still occurred.

    One day in July of this year (2012), I went through all my pictures starting from beginning of 2011. I wanted to see when the redness started appearing on my face.
    Looking at my pictures, the first picture that showed a slight redness had a date stamp of June 15 of 2011. Looking at the pictures, as time passed, the redness got worst.

    I went through mental check to see if anything had happened back in June of 2011, or what did I do differently during June of 2011.....and June of 2011, I had moved my office from a place that had no windows to a corner office with lots of windows facing east.

    I had place my desk facing the windows to look at the beautiful view of the mountain, and in the process, getting my face exposed to the sun through the windows.

    To test the theory that by moving my office to a corner office with windows and exposing my face to the sun through windows, in July of 2012, I moved my office back to the original location without the windows.

    I am happy to say that its been about 3 months that I have been back to my original office without the windows....and the redness on my face is completely gone.

    I started experimenting with the food that had given me flareups...they flareups are gone. I feel normal again. I can drink coffee again (god I missed it).

    I play with my dog every chance I get and have her sleep in my room. I love my dog.

    I want to say so much more, but I stop here. I just wanted to share with you my story and hopefully it helps someone.

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    Congratulation Sarah, not everyone can find out the cause and the cure for rosacea, and you are so lucky, can be back to your normal life, and be grateful to it. Hope that there will be more people out of this disease like you .

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    Sara 45,

    Thanks for the report. I have added it to this post. If your rosacea remission is only temporary, please add to this thread that it was only temporary and has returned. Congratulations on your remission. I hope it doesn't come back for you sake.
    Brady Barrows
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    Default Update


    I am as good as ever.

    I like to add one more piece of information about the windows in my old office, there is a thin film on the windows. Its similar to the ones you see on some car windows to provide shade.


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    Thanks for this report, Sara. May I ask which subtype of rosacea you have? And how are you coping with sun exposure when outside of your office? Are you wearing sunscreen?

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    Default root cause of my Rosacea and How I got rid of the redness

    Good for u.....congrats

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