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Thread: 4% Nicotinamide Gel in Papular Rosacea?

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    Default 4% Nicotinamide Gel in Papular Rosacea?

    I recently developed allergy to Sulfur/Sodium Sulfacetamide topical. Metro gel and Finacea do not work for me. I have been reading about 4% Nicotinamide gel and it seems to work for acne but I couldn't find any information on rosacea. If you know anything about this topical, please let me know.

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    Default sulfur intolerance

    I have also developed a sulfur intolerance. I would be interested in hearing of any products you have success with. I have completely changed my diet to rid myself of all sulfur foods, but that is not enough to control my rosacea and almost everything my derm. wants to give me has some form of sulfur/sulfate in it


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    Nicotinamide (AKA niacinamide) is the active form of Vitamin B3.

    It is unlikely to do you any harm and may well do you good. For topical use, do a test area first of all to see if you get any adverse reaction - a slight irritation is to be expected.

    You could try high dose (250 500mg) oral niacinamide as well/instead of.

    Be careful that you get niacinamide and not niacin which can cause severe flushing.

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