I am 6 months pregnant and have stopped using all kinds of medications and topicals I used to use. It's not only during pregnancy, but also breast feeding. So it's really 9 months plus another 3 months (at least) if you don't want to nurse for 6 months.

I have rosacea with very large pores on the nose and very oily nose. Believe me, I yet have to meet someone with pores bigger than mine. I am 32 now and got this issue before turning 26. It still is a very big concern and source of daily anxiety for me, BUT the idea of causing my child damage to control my pores is beyond me. Even if I had to stay at home for all this time and avoid society as a whole, I would not do anything that could possibly do harm my baby. If rosacea is a source of depression and anxiety for you, birth defect will be MILLION times more, add guilt to it, and you get the perspective.

I know from my own daily life how difficult it is not to be able to control my symptoms and I thank god for having a loving husband that loves me even when I find myself disgusting because of my pores and blackheads on my nose.