My Derm recently stated that this might be what is going on with my eye. I have been dx'd w/rosacea for the past 3 to 5 years, but as of last fall my lower eyelid became swollen and red, now along with the upper lid too. At this time I am SOOOOO over it and am tired of both seeing it and answering questions about the fight that I have never been in! I have most recently had doxycycline and singulair prescribed and was using metrogel--on all of rosacea--and elidel (sp?)--just over eylid. I am hopeful that the doxy and singulair may help based on what I have read here, but the elidel did nothing that I could tell... Additionally, I take zyrtec daily and benedryl sometimes at night. I have read about Blepharitis, I DO have seasonal allergies, but one PCP (three visits), an allergist (one visit) and now my new Derm (3 visits plus patch testing) have yet to do anything for my "puffy eye!" Any helpful advice/thoughts? Thank you SO much in advance!