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Thread: Trying new diet for rosacea. It is possible to have sugar/wheat/dairy withdrawals?

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    Default Trying new diet for rosacea. It is possible to have sugar/wheat/dairy withdrawals?

    I was "diagnosed" with rosacea and seb derm last week by my dermatologist. Yay for me! I even have bloodshot eyes now. I was suspecting rosacea for several weeks and about a week and a half ago I decided to stop eating bread, sugar and dairy. I stopped it cold turkey and my skin has almost completely cleared up (for now anyway). I was feeling pretty good until we spent a weekend in Savannah at a B&B they served bread pudding with lots of sugar and bad things that tasted great. A day later I started getting a headache and my body feels a little sore. My face did not suffer from my bad breakfasts but I have felt slight flu like symptoms for 2 days now. I had the bread and sugar on Sunday and have been avoiding bread and sugar again like I was doing the week before.

    I have never in my life thought about it but can the body suffer withdrawal symptoms from stopping sugar or bread? I feel generally achy with a slight headache and that is odd to me. I never get headaches and there is no reason for my body to be sore.


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    I have written extensively on this subject. For example:

    William Dufty summarizes the toxic effect of sugar in his book, Sugar Blues, when he kicked the habit. Dufty threw all the sugar in his kitchen out and just ate grains and vegetables. He wrote, “In about fortyeight hours, I was in total agony, overcome with nausea, with a crashing migraine. If pain was a message, this was a long one, very involved, intense but in code. It took hours to break the code. I knew enough about junkies to recognize reluctantly my kinship with them. I was kicking cold turkey, the thing they talked about with such terror. After all, heroin is nothing but a chemical. They take the juice of the poppy and they refine it into opium and then they refine it to morphine and finally to heroin. Sugar is nothing but a chemical. They take the juice of the cane or the beet and they refine it to molasses and then they refine it to brown sugar and finally to strange white crystals. It’s no wonder dope pushers dilute pure heroin with milk sugar —lactose—in order to make their glassine packages a treat to the eye. I was kicking all kinds of chemicals cold turkey—sugar , aspirin, cocaine, caffeine, chlorine, fluorine, sodium, monosodium glutamate, and all those other multisyllabic horrors listed in fine print on the tins and boxes I had just thrown in the trash. I had it very rough for about twenty-four hours, but the morning after was a revelation. I went to sleep with exhaustion, sweating and tremors. I woke up feeling reborn.”

    -----Sugar Blues, William Dufty, 1975, Warner Books, Inc, p. 22–3

    If you want to know more you can get a free copy of my book, Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet by clicking here.
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    Thank you very much for the reply. This makes me want to stop sugar and bread even more! Also, I stopped drinking coffee while I was at it and perhaps my body is confused. I am a southern girl and even though I rarely eat meat anyway, I did not realize how much bread, sugar and dairy were in my diet before rosacea. It is almost impossible to find anything to eat unless I make it at home, which is probably better for me anyway.

    I am hoping this "hangover" feeling goes away soon, though! It is sort of a drag.

    I will look into your book. I am sure it will help me immensely with my new journey. Thanks again.

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