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Thread: Olive oil vs Coconut oil as a moisturizer?

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    Default Olive oil vs Coconut oil as a moisturizer?

    Anybody tried both, please give me some advice.

    My skin is very dry and sensitive. I've tried many different types of moisturizer over the counter and they all irritate my skin even the one label for sensitive skin. I have both Rosacea and mild acne. I need help desperately.

    Any advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Wilson, I think both of these might aggravate your acne as I think they might clog your pores. What moisturizers have you tried so far?

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    Wilson, when I had bad stuff all over my face I couldn't use any kind of moisturizer, either. I found Linda Sy's Zinco to be the best protection for my skin. It is now sold as Rosacea Care Zinco. It's a zinc cream that has an spf of 20 and helps at least seal in your skin's moisture. Also, to me, the zinc was soothing.

    I was able to start using moisturizer after a couple of ipl treatments. While this gives some respite, it is temporary and you have to use the time to figure out what is causing the rosacea in the first place.

    "It's all illusion anyway."

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    Ive used virgin unrefined coconut oil before which did not increase my white heads but on the other hand didn't help my face much. I wouldn't even think to use olive oil which is too greasy and would clog your pores. Have you considered jojoba oil?

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    I have used both and prefer olive oil as it seems to be more moisturizing. Niether clog my pores but I also do the oil cleansing method to keep my face clear.

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    Unhappy What about homemade moisturizer?

    Do you have any recipe to share?

    I had very dry sensitive skin on my face. It's red and many small white bumps.

    I've tried all the moisturizers from the chemist and they all irritated my facial skin.

    Please help!!??

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    Ive not used olive oil, but between coconut oil and emu oil I prefer emu oil for my face (together with a drop of tea tree oil).

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    I have tried coconut oil as a moisturizing agent and had a good experience.It is a natural way and have no side effects.People who have problem using products and have bad effect on skin may use coconut oil.I is also very good for hairs.And can be use for cooking.

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    I haven't apply moisturizing cream on my face for the past 3 months and my facial skin looks great. It's not flaky at all. I don't even use facial cleanser either. Just wash my face with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. I drink 2 cups of carrot and celery juice daily and it improves my skin a lot.

    Food I haven't eat for past few months:
    Junk food
    fast food
    soft drinks

    Food I have been eating for past few months:
    Plenty of juice
    Fresh Vegetable
    Drink plenty of water, up to 8 cups daily

    Eat well and feel well.

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    Good to read that, wilson.

    I very often think there is far too much medication/cosmetication done in pursuit of improved skin when all that is needed is a good diet (which it seems you have) and a "less is more" approach to skin care.

    Obviously this won't work for everyone but it's worth everyone's while to at least try before, possibly, damaging the skin by overmuch, overaggressive and/or inappropriate treatments.

    Bit of advice: watch your calcium intake. Now that you're dairy-free (no milk or cheese) you may want to supplement your diet with some calcium. An easy, pleasant and cheap way of supplementing your calcium is to chew a couple of indigestion tablets daily. Ensure these are based on calcium carbonate. You can get them mint or sometimes fruit flavoured.

    ("Cosmetication" is a word I invented myself. I'm sure its meaning is obvious)

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