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Thread: Frustrated, living with someone living with rosacea

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    Default Frustrated, living with someone living with rosacea

    I don't have rosacea, but I suspect my mom does, or some other extremely inflammatory skin condition that makes her skin raw. I make suggestions all the time (no beer, more water, less red meat) and try to bring her samples of skin care products like dermalogica but she just ignores me. I understand that she has had her skin condition for a long time, but her attitude towards her disease is...****ty. She's not taking responsibility for her health, and I feel under appreciated since I must do virtually all of the house chores (taking care of dog, laundry, dishes, cleaning bathroom, sweeping vacuum dusting). It makes me not want to spend my spare time with her, and if I did it would just be us sitting on the couch watching tv because she cant do anything/ is unwilling to try. Most of the time I ignore her complaining because she does make me feel that it is my fault that she has this skin condition and I do not. I cant so anything for her and she wont.

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    Hi Meee, your mom sounds like she is in a lot of emotional as well as physical pain. Is there any other person that she can lean on for support so it doesn't all fall on you? Is there any way you can convince her to see a psychiatrist as well as a dermatologist? She needs support from different professionals as well as her family so she can overcome this. But her emotional distress needs to be addressed so she can gather the strength needed to deal with it all. I know how hard this must be for both of you and I hope you can make her see the wisdom of getting professional help.


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