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Does anyones symptoms act up when the (air?) pressure changes? For instance, before a storm or something is on its way. I am wondering if I burn more before a storm is about to hit.
Hi, new here. I've noticed my rosacea flare-ups coincide with pressure changes, specifically, sudden drops in barometric pressure. This week, I started a daily log to confirm my observations. Will let you know how it goes.
Would like to know if anyone else notices swelling and redness from sudden pressure drops.
I have asymptomatic rosacea. Normal triggers don't seem to be triggers for me, except maybe stress.
I don't get itchy or burning skin. Just swelling and redness, and if left unchecked, the skin becomes dry and damaged. Heals and returns very to normal very quickly with doxycycline (4 or 5 days).
It's only on my right cheek, by the way. Even stranger, it used to only be on my left cheek. Started in Iraq in 2008. I did 48 months in Iraq and Afghanistan (please don't say thank you), and I always wonder if some exposure to chemicals, or possibly the chronic use of doxycycline (issued to soldiers to prevent malaria) threw something out of balance.
I don't know for sure if it's rosacea. That is what both army and civilian dermatologists have classified it as.