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Thread: Still Battling My Demodectic Facial Skin

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    Default Still Battling My Demodectic Facial Skin

    Well, here I am still battling my skin problems and demodex mites. I know I have demodex from skin scraping and also because I can feel them and I also have horrible skin texture damaged from them.

    I am currently using metrogel 1% but don't know if it's making matters worse. I am worried the gel is drying out my skin, but I'm afraid to use a moisturizer before applying the metrogel because I think my mites really enjoy moisturizers and emollients and lap it up.

    Prior to the metrogel 1%, I used oral metronidazole for 2 weeks twice a day at 375 mg. I was hoping to stay on those pills longer, but my dermatologist wouldn't allow it for some reason.....I really think I was getting somewhere and had noticeable improvement with the pink/red on my skin, but since stopping, I don't know if the pink/red has improved any more on it's own or from metrogel application or just remained the same.

    I've also been going out in the sun and I have no idea if that is making matters worse as well.

    My skin still feels crawling at times, slightly itchy scalp, slits and shallow dents, slight pink skin on the targeted areas on my face with are my side temples and my front cheeks, scarred pores and lines, strange skin texture is still happening. Still somewhat losing eyebrow hairs. Super tiny pink bumps all over the face is also still happening.

    At least I think I can say that my skin was very oily about a month ago and now I think it may be less so, but maybe I've just been in good lighting when I decide to look at my face.

    I don't know why the last few days I've been feeling the mites crawling a bit more on my face and body. I'm not sure if that means they are back to overpopulating somehow or getting agitated by things I'm using.

    Anyway, any other helpful advice to tackle demodex?

    The tiny bumps and skin all over face kind of resembles the asian woman's photos in this article.
    She is the second photo with tiny bumps all over her face. It said her rash resolved after 3 weeks of metronidazole orally, prednisolone, and topical metronidazole. Granted, I am doing metrogel at 1% and she probably used the cream at .75%. But still....and she doesn't seem to have had the skin dents and super texture problems I have.

    My mites seem to be very stubborn. I just don't know what to do for my demodectic rash on face anymore. It's destroying my skin texture. Where can I get this ivermectin people have tried and how do I use it (safely)?

    Does anyone think I need to get my derm to give me prednisolone and more metronidazole orally?
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    prednisolone will mask the problem for a short period of time. It will probably give you relief but the problem will return as soon as you stop taking it.

    Have you tried Ghost's mite killer routine?


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