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Thread: Tinned Tuna and Histamine

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    Default Tinned Tuna and Histamine

    I am on a strict low carb diet, perhaps having one meal a week where I'll break the religious effort and treat myself.

    I am eating a lot of tuna 1-2 tins a day.

    On another thread I noticed that
    tinned tuna was listed on the top 10 of foods high in histamine. It was number 10 but it's still on it.

    Has anyone experienced a problem with tuna/histamine?

    I'm considering eliminating tuna for 2 weeks and perhaps just stick to chicken. Just wanted some advice/opinions on this please :-)

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    I copied this from another thread to save me rewriting it and updated it slightly . My diet:

    Quote Originally Posted by maroon5 View Post

    On a day to day basis my diet is:

    Scrambled eggs with salmon/chicken /left over veg

    Salad with tinned tuna or roast chicken, avocado, cucumber, olives and boiled egg (no yolk) - with spray of olive oil. Have started making a really large salad daily and splitting it into 2x portions. One for lunch and one for a snack to keep me going about 5pm.

    Roast chicken, with broccoli and cabbage (cooked in gluten free bouillon)

    Snacks: celery sticks & carrot batons with humous.

    Drinks: lots of water, soda and lime cordial and the odd diet coke (trying to just stick to water atm).

    I sometimes sneak in a standard size bar of dairy milk chocolate but once or twice a week tops!

    I do stray occasionally when I can't cook for myself ie visiting friends but 95% prob as above

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    You might consider the possibility of nitrates in canned tuna.
    Not just histamine.

    Canned tuna makes me flush. But then, salmon makes me flush too. I was looking for a low source EFA source, seeing Salmon is so high in these. Tuna seemed worth a shot again.
    No luck, however.

    Olive oil and avocado also make me flush.

    Have you noticed a reduction in flushing with your new diet?
    I am always curious about which foods trigger flushing in individuals.

    Why do you discard the egg yolk in favour of the whites?
    Previous Numerous IPL.
    Supplements: Niacinamide, Vit K2, low D3, Vit A. Moderate Dose Vit C, Iodine, Taurine, Magnesium. Very low dose B's. Low dose zinc (to correct deficiency).
    Skin Care: No Cleanser, ZZ cream mixed with Niacinamide gel 4% and LMW HA 2%, ethyl ascorbate 2%.

    Treating for gut dysbiosis.(This is helping).
    Previous GAPS diet. Have now introduced lots of fibre.
    Fermented Foods. Intermittent fasting -16-18 hours.
    Oral Colostrum. Helps reduce food reactions.

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    Maroon, Jenny brings up a good point about nitrates.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many of us have such different triggers. It really points to the fact (in my mind) that there are different causes to rosacea.
    I love salmon and avocado and olive oil and have no reaction to these foods.

    Good luck in finding what foods you can safely eat Maroon.

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    Canned tuna , unfortunately, is in my top ten triggers. I can only make a 5 oz can 'work' 2-3 times a month without a flare up.

    You are not alone, canned tuna is high on the list of many.

    Another consideration you can look at is add-on's such as mayonnaise, etc....

    My symptoms following overdoing the canned tuna is ....increased redness, increased oilyness specifically in the nose area.

    As an alternative, I am not bother by Canned Salmon .

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