Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum. I have suffered from mild rosacea for years but had never been diagnosed until recently. My skin was very dry, rough, and congested so I decided to get a facial. I've had them done twice in the past and they've were mildly irritating but the irritation went away a few hours after it was over. Unfortunately, I went to a new place this time and they used steam in addition to a cleaner, mask, and exfoliation. Now my skin feels like it is on fire. It burns and it's definitely swollen. I'm also several shades redder than usual, though not as red as I was right after the facial yesterday. The burning is actually worse, though. I went to the doctor and they prescribed lidocaine cream, which I'm wary about using. How long should I expect the irritation to last? Have I do permanent damage to my skin? Is there anything I can do to help with the redness, inflammation, and burning? I just wish I could undo this experience. Not only is my skin uglier but I'm also in a lot of pain. Any advice would be appreciated.