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Thread: Can I have IPL just on my nose?

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    Default Can I have IPL just on my nose?

    Hello, Im new here, great forum!

    I'm 33 and have had broken blood vessels on my face for as long as I can remember. In the last few years they are very visible, especially on my nose, half my nose is covered in them. I was wondering if anyone has had IPL just on there nose and had good results? will a derm laser just one area?

    I have a few broken vessels on one side of my face but they are not as serious, I really don't want to have a full face of IPL if possible, I had 4 treatments of pixel laser once for acne scarring and my life hit a low then while recovering from that, I was oozing puce out my face and the downtime was not good, im hoping if I just have IPL on my nose the downtime wont be as harsh. Also I have one slightly raised scar on my nose, will IPL help this?

    many thanks in advanced for any newbie advise

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    Default vessels on nose

    I don't see why not, however you should be aware that, depending on the doctor, you will not get a discounted price for doing one area of your face. Also, you will probably need more than one ttreatment. On another note, I personally believe that vbeam perfecta is more effective than IPL.

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    Yes you could. I have an IPL session done on just my nose. Of course you've to ask the derm about it and see if they could give you a better pricing. Bear in mind its still costly thou (prolly cos i'm still a student). However i think it helps with my broken capillaries and didn't help with my redness But I only went once so yeah....

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    There is no reason why you can't have just what you want. I am a great believer in only getting the areas done that you feel necessary. You may have to be quite clear and assertive about it though.

    with ipl you may find that if you suffer from seb derm this could make it flair temporarily and make your nose more greasy. Just a thought.

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