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Thread: Log for raw Apple Cider vinegar, raw honey and raw coconut oil treatment for Seb Derm

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    Default Log for raw Apple Cider vinegar, raw honey and raw coconut oil treatment for Seb Derm

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have had seb derm for about a decade now, I'm 23 years old.

    It was quite bad when I was younger, my Dr at the time gave me a hydrocortisone cream which made it vanish almost completely, until it slowly came back almost as bad. I have been using different steroid creams for the past decade, once I saw a dermatologist and he gave me a anti-fungal cream which did not help, although I didn't use it very long since it seemed to make things worse.

    I became a vegetarian about 6 years ago and my overall health improved including my seb derm, but not by much. Earlier this year, I stopped being a vegetarian. My seb derm would get out of control, worse than when I originally had it. I don't know what caused it, because I know drinking can make it worse. Funny enough, I only eat meat after a long night of drinking vodka, so I'm not sure what causes it. For now, I am going back to a vegetarian diet. If it becomes worse after a drinking binge I will make sure to note it.

    I started using raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) with "mother" intact two days ago, undiluted. You are supposed to dilute it. I recommend diluting it a little bit. IT BURNED like you could not believe. But I was so fed up I just wanted the seb derm to die off already. I used cotton balls to apply undiluted ACV to my face, 4-5 times a day for two days. It burned. I do not recommend this. It's recommended to use diluted ACV 2-3 times a day.

    My face turned bright red the first day. After the second day, I noticed improvement in some areas, and in others it was quite, quite worse. It was redder, dark redder, flakey and it just looks bad.

    The first pic is before the ACV treatment. It was quite mild that day so it doesn't look bad, I have it under my lower lip and on the left and right folds of my skin close my upper lip.


    The second pic is a day after ACV treatment.


    This picture is on the third day of treatment, when applying the first raw honey mask, after two days of ACV treatment. As you can see, my seb derm is quite inflamed due to the ACV. Before the ACV treatment it was one big red patch on the bottom and two smaller ones near my cheeks. Now it looks spotted, a few areas seem to be free of seb derm. The parts where the seb derm was worse are quite red and the skin feels rough to the touch, almost like a scab. It's also darker red in some spots. My skin also feels very tight and hurts if I try to stretch it with my mouth a lot. There are parts were it was flaking/scabbing quite bad, with a pinker layer underneath. I believe this is due to using ACV undiluted, which wasn't a smart move. Be very careful with ACV. This is why I switched to the raw honey/coconut treatment.

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    Day 4.

    I did the raw honey mask for three hours last night. It was a sticky mess. It did not appear to irritate my face, but compared to ACV, I'm sure it's a lot gentler. I rinsed it off and applied a bit of raw coconut oil all over my face and went ot bed.

    I woke up and dabbed a bit of diluted ACV on my face. I couldn't resist seeing as how it definitely worked before. 30 minutes later, I washed my face, then I applied raw honey and cleaned my face with it, and finished up by applying raw coconut oil. I will repeat this process in the afternoon. I don't know if I should continue with using DILUTED ACV or not at this point or just stick with honey/coconut for a while, to see if that works.

    Here's a pic from this morning. As you can see, it's quite flared up, again I think it's mostly from the ACV. But it looks spotted, whereas previously it was just one big patch. A lot of spots look like they have cleared up completely. My skin feels tight, rough and painful. Regardless, this is very exciting!


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    Day 5.

    Did the honey mask /coconut oil today. I really hope this works. It looks pretty bad. I haven't left the house since I started. I don't plan to either, unless I absolutely have to.


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    Day 6.

    The previous post was actually day 5, I didn't get a chance to post but the picture was from yesterday. So for now I'm doing a honey mask/coconut oil one day and using ACV and coconut oil the next. Here's today's picture.

    I woke up extremely itchy today. It was unbearable.

    I used organic apple cider vinegar (acv) with mother intact today, which I diluted 50/50 with purified water.

    The ACV really, really helped with the itching. It burned like hell when I applied it, but the itching would go away within a few minutes.

    I applied ACV every two or three hours and applied a bit of coconut oil every second time I applied the ACV.


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    How's it going?

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    That's torture. You can't just leave us hanging like that!

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