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Thread: Long term effects of Mirtazapine, Clonidine and Propranolol.

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    Default Long term effects of Mirtazapine, Clonidine and Propranolol.

    Hey guys, ive been taking these 3 medications for around 6 months now. With some good results. Im in a lot better place then i was 6 months ago uncontrollably flushing every night.

    Im wondering if anybody knows if there is any long term effects of taking these drugs for a period of time?

    I asked my doctor, he seemed to think not. But id love to hear if anybody has heard anything, or has any information about this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have been taking this combo since 2006, I only noticed weight gain from the remeron, no other side effects that I am aware of apart from that.
    Glad to hear you could break the flushing cycle, it can be devestating and traumatic if you can't control those painful and annoying flushings.
    I take the weight gain over that personally.

    You might check if your blood pressure is stable and not too low, but I found, and doctors told me similarly, that youur body adjusts to them meds and
    tends to keep the blood pressure normal. Mine is around 105, which is low/normal. Also, after using remeron for a longer time, you might want to
    check your liver values, bilirubine I think they test for, as it might in minor cases do something with that, but mine has always been perfect.
    Just in case I checked my liver and kidneys 1,5 years ago and they were performing better than average they said, so I haven't experienced
    bad effects from the medication so far.

    Hope this helps,

    best wishes Natalja

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