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    Default Champori

    I just ran across something that looks very promising! Here's how:

    First I Googled, "Naturally cure seb derm," which led me to this:
    Which then led me to this:

    I was intrigued. I've tried many natural home remedies for my rosacea and seb derm, but nothing seems to help me. I won't go to a dermatologist (I've heard too many horror stories). When I went to the Champori website and read all of the testimonials, I felt a new ray of hope. Then I looked at the ingredient lists and every one of the ingredients are from plants used in Chinese medicine. No chemicals. No preservatives ... in fact in the FAQ section, it says to keep the products in the fridge at least 50% of the time: "Our creams and sprays are biologically active substances and should be kept refrigerated at a minimum 50% of the time. They will remain effective for at least 1 year (we didnít test for a longer span)." I looked each and every ingredient up one by one and I was super impressed with every single one!

    So I sent an email to Champori, telling them of my condition with rosacea and seb derm and asked them what would be best for me. Here is the reply: "For Seborrheic dermatitis I suggest that you should try our small combo for psoriasis. 2.5 oz Cream + 4 oz Spray. First spray on affected area and after a few minutes apply cream thinly on top. Repeat 2 - 3 times a day. Cream can be left on skin overnight as well. If you are not comfortable wearing cream during the day - you can use spray only in the day time and cream at night. A couple of my customers told me that our cream for psoriasis works for rosacea as well; but with only 2 testimonials I can't promise anything."

    Very open, honest and up front about whether or not this will work for my rosacea. But my rosacea isn't the worst of my problems. It's the seb derm. If I could get rid of the horrible flaking and itching, I would be very happy! That causes my face a lot of irritation and further exacerbates my rosacea. So if I could get rid of the seb derm, I'm sure that would only help my rosacea.

    Bottom line: In all of my searching for help, this looks to be in a league of its own. The ingredient lists say it all. So I went ahead and placed an order for the combo psoriasis spray and small jar of cream, which can be found here:

    I'm really looking forward to trying it! I was even more apt to buy when I saw that they have a money-back guarantee ... just in case. I thought about waiting to see how it works for me before posting anything here, but with all the incredible testimonials that I saw, I wanted to share it right away just in case someone else may want to give it a try.

    After I've seen how it works for me, personally, I will add to this thread and let you all know the results. By the way, I'll be using this on my 6-year old as well, who has what looks to be psoriasis on his arms. It's so safe that it can be used on children, and pregnant/breastfeeding women can use it too.

    A far, far cry from steroid and cortisone creams, etc. --- for those, like me, who want to stick with natural remedies.
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    Default Good luck

    I too have been considering trying Champori on my SD (face). For me the most effective thing was promiseb which cleared up a lot of it but not all of it. I really want to find something that clears up all of it, I've heard some reviews about champori working great. There were also some people who told me it didn't work which makes me sad . But I'm still considering trying it for myself since it has a money back guarentee. Anyways best of luck on your endeavour and let me know how it works out for you.

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    I've been using the Champori for a little while now and here's MY experience with it (meaning, everyone is different and so my experience doesn't necessarily mean this is how it would be for someone else).

    The cream was too heavy for my face. The consistency is a lot like Vaseline. But, for me, anything I put on my face as a moisturizer makes me break out. I'll probably keep the cream, though, for wounds, burns, that kind of thing.

    The spray was a lot better and seems to help a little, but not enough for me to buy it again. I'm about halfway through it and will use it up because it does provide a little help by calming down the flakiness a bit, but I get that same result from the rosewater I was using.

    Through this experimental time, I continued washing my face with raw honey.

    Again, this was MY experience. There have obviously been others that have benefited from this. I just don't happen to be one of them.

    I tried this on my son as well and haven't noticed any significant difference in the rash on his arms. I tried the spray mostly, because he didn't like the Vaseline-like feel of the cream on his skin. Very heavy.

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