Hi everyone,

I am deep into my demodex treatment, using a plethora of products and found yet another one that may be helpful. It is an "antibacterial scalp and skin prewash" made by Mediceuticals called Thera Rx. Its active ingredient is Triclosan, which I did not know until I purchased it. Being the inquisitive type that I am, I googled triclosan to see what I could find out about it. It is apparently used in many products including Colgate toothpaste, hand sanitizing gels, kitchen untensils, and home construction products due to the effective anti-microbial properties it has. I also read that it is still being tested by the FDA and EPA for concerns of altering hormones in the body (it apparently halts thyroid hormone production in frogs) and its overuse which has aided in the resistant super bacteria that are developing with the overuse of antimicrobial products.

I have very oily skin and scalp, struggle with adult acne, have a current demodex problem, and am trying to find products that will prevent me from developing a mite infestation again and, in general, keep my acne under control. This product states it is used to treat fungus and bacteria, and reduces inflammation and excessive oil, is effective for dandruff, acne, seborrhea, and a spectrum of skin disorders. Directions say to apply to a dry scalp and allow to set for 3 mins, then wash hair. For skin, you basically use it as a topical astringent.

Has anyone heard of or used this product? Or a product with Triclosan as the main active ingredient?