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Thread: Kill demodex instantly. New discovery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
    I don't know if it has been mentioned before, but they are working on an ivermectin solution for rosacea, just hasn't been FDA approved yet.
    Presumably you are referring to the Galderma CD5024 trials that are currently ongoing?

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    I think so, my dermatologist mentioned it to me but I forgot the name of the company. That sounds familiar though.

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    Two years ago I go Demodex mite. It was during a time when my immune system was very much compromised. My hair began to fall out. I didn't do anything for about two months. I just suffered with these horrible things. Then my situation changed and began to use Diatomaceous earth (DE) on my head. I wore a plastic bag around for days. I would shower, wait for my hair to dry and then put it back on. I also changed my bedding a lot and putting DE under my sheet. I didn't put it on the sheet because it would end up in the air. I didn't put it on the pillow or anything like that either. I washed my clothing after one wearing. I cannot remember how long I did this for but it was for almost over a week, I believe. Eventually they went away.

    A year later the pillow I originally had I stuffed in the attic. I did not throw it away. I went to find a pillow for camping. I looked at it wondering if it was safe after all this time. I remember taking that risk, knowing it could not be good. I took it on the trip. I was find until about the 5 or 6th day. I knew the bugs were present. It is almost a year now having them. I have not committed as I did. I actually have tried many thing mentioned here but get temporary relief. Now I have a week which I am going back to the DE to try. when I go out I will wear my plastic bag under my hat. And I put coconut oil on my face and that helps soothe inflammation. I will be in touch.

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    To: Travelin Trace Feb 12, 2012
    In your recipe is this mustard Powdered Mustard?

    I also have Demodex mites in my eyes and have used the Tea Tree Oil with baby shampoo and now using Turmeric powder and Coconut Oil. I have used this for about 5 weeks but they seem to be increasing.
    The rims of my eyelid/eyelashes are swollen and red and the spider veins on checks are also increasing.

    I have had this for years and no dr ever thought I had a problem. They also refused to check my thyroid until recently and found my thyroid was only a huge tumor and had been there for many years. Given pill to kill the thyroid and taking Natural Thyroid. Drs. do not seem to listen to patients many times and think we are crazy.

    I am new here and if anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate it. I am in my 70's.
    Thank you and I appreciate those comments as they are helpful. I know little of what to do and just learned this.

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