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Thread: Nose looks swollen (and generally messed up)

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    Default Nose looks swollen (and generally messed up)

    I have to say that I have no idea what I have but I came to this forum because it gives adivce on things associated with this topic, and I would appreciate some help, and maybe some people can relate to my experience.

    I've never had trauma to the nose or a nose job and my nose has always been a decent size but recently it has become puffy and soft to touch. This has happened over a short space of time, as in 2 weeks more or less. The actual feeling is that it isn't hard tissue like other noses but has become this odd, swollen mass. I have seen it grow overnight, and in the mornings and before I go to bed it is even bigger! I realise that at night fluids can cause this swollen appearance of the face but for me it seems excessive. I considered it being natural growth of the nose, but as it has happened so quickly and looks so unnatural that I know this cannot be true. Also, it has become an unusual shape and different to what it was before, as in the tip is much wider and more bulgy. From my research I know that rosacea can cause inflammation, but I seem to have none of this, though I have blackheads in my nose and it is a slightly different colour to my facial skin.

    I would be extremely grateful for any kind of help. Thanks

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    You might have an infection in the mucus membranes/lining of the nose. Go see your doc.
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    Any update ? Did you see doctor ?

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    Default Gone!

    It has stopped and I am so relieved!

    Thank you!

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