My face has been clear for a while now. My last flare up was pretty bad and took about three years to get rid of. I have made many changes including getting tested for food allergies and addressing gallbladder problems. After giving up my food allergies for 3 months, my skin completely cleared up. At the same time my gallbladder pain stopped, I should also mention that I used a gallbladder patch many times and continue to use it. After using that my gallbladder pain after three years is practically nonexistent. My food allergies/sensitivities are sugar (beet and cane) and dairy. I seem to tolerate dairy OK now, but I still avoid sugar for obvious reasons. I also watch my consumption of dairy.

Any who now that I have a brief explanation of my history I wanted to mention a recent flare up I had on Monday. It was just like three years ago. Very red skin, very rough and sandpaper like and very itchy burnt. My skin had been flawless for about a year when this happened, but now I am armed with more info. I stopped all food allergies in case that was it. Stopped using my newest makeup Bare Minerals, and used corn starch to try to cover the redness. I also have been putting on a Bentonite mask day and night. I think the mask is what is making the most difference. My face is 80-90 healed and no more sandpaper. It is smooth again and I think I will be 100% in a day or two. I will not go back to using the Bare Minerals, that may have cause the flare. My ears are sensitive to earrings, I can wear gold, silver and some other kinds, but other metals really make my ears flare up. Some mineral make ups have finely ground metals in them. Perhaps I have the same reaction and after using it for three weeks or so, my face had absorbed some of them and had an allergic reaction. Not sure if that is possible, but I figured if it was, the Bentonite would likely pull those metals out and help heal my skin.

I encourage everyone to try a Bentonite mask. Most masks are too drying, for instance French Green Clay makes my skin burn for days. I have also heard of people using the Bentonite clay internally to cleanse and pull heavy metals and toxins from the body. WARNING: Do not try this without guidance from a Naturopathic Doctor. There are at least two kinds of Bentonite and one should absolutely never be ingested. The kind that people take internally is the kind I used. If you want to find it, I got mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. They are located in Oregon and I bought it from their website. They also have great essential oils, salts and teas and other stuff.

Any ways, my mask is dry and I am going to go wash it off and apply moisturizer.


I have been also using Professional Solutions Oil Free Moisturizing gel. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps peel dead skin or the top layer or something. That may have also had a hand in getting rid of that sandpaper feel and leaving my skin smooth.