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Thread: Ketoconazole for Seborrhic Dermatitis, for use on face?

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    Default Ketoconazole for Seborrhic Dermatitis, for use on face?

    I have seb derm, I previously used topical corticosteroids to keep the inflammation under control. Since, TCS cause a bunch of side-effects, I gave them up altogether. I have tiny hair growth on the area(area around nose) treated with steroids. Abnormal hair growth is a known side effect of steroids. They aren't noticeable though.

    I have used Ketoconazole once or twice, it's onset of action is slow compared to TCS, but it does help to reduce scaling and redness. Now, abnormal hair growth is not listed as a side-effect of Ketoconazole, but I have heard, people have used Nizoral Shampoo on scalp to treat baldness.

    Now, I am worried, whether I should be using Nizoral Cream on face, I already have tiny hairs on that area, I am worried it might stimulate more hair growth.

    Anyone, tried Nizoral for seb derm, can help me out here?

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    Ketoconazole can apparently cause hair loss. I'm not too sure. I don't think it'll cause extra hair growth. Oftentimes people treat alopecia areata (bald spots) with anti-inflammatory medications. Ketoconazole does have anti-inflammatory properties so I can see why it may help those bald spots, but actually spurring hair growth is another question altogether.

    Short answer, sorry it depends and I don't know. Theory doesn't always add up to reality as well.

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    I've got seb derm (started in April of this year) and maybe co-existing rosacea. My derm first prescribed me Elocon (momesetone fuorate - sp?) to use once daily for 1-2 weeks then only apply once a weekend. I did it daily for one week and stopped knowing that TCS are harmful. That was on 9/2 when I saw my derm. Went back last Friday 9/25 to show him pics of me at my worst and what I liken more to rosacea than seb derm.

    He now prescribed me 100mg Minocycline once daily and Metrogel. Picking up the metrogel after work today and been on the Mino since Friday. Will take Mino for 5-8 weeks and taper off use in the latter weeks until I stop. Again, like TCS don't want to be taking this stuff for even longer than 2 months knowing the side effects.

    I do use ketoconazole daily as a face wash right now, which a lot of sources online say to do for seb derm. Not sure what 'initially' means. Guess until you feel more improved in appearance, but it then says to use 2 times a week as a face wash indefinitely.

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    Ive used ketaconazole cream on my face for years, i dont have any extra hair growth otherwise id look like red werewolf. 😅

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    I use a "foot cream" available in the UK as Daktarin Gold on my face. The active ingredient is 2% Ketoconazole

    I have no issues with hair growth.

    I use Daktacort which contains hydrocortisone and miconazole as well when it flares. I don't find it that effective though.

    Ketoconazole is effective at keeping the flaring at bay as long as I am consistent. Does not work overnight though.

    I use it every day with 2% Nizoral shampoo. I had a bad flare in September so I think I will keep going with it because it is working.

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