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Thread: Seborrhoeic dermatitis - What helps me: marijuana

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottish View Post
    You have to understand that "seborrhoeic dermatitis" has many distinct symptoms each with its own unique etiology (cause).

    The remission of your scaly, flaky skin is more than likely the result of your move and not the marijuana. I would assume that the relative humidity is higher in Oslo than it is in Southern Sweden. If so, this would help to explain your remission because higher relative humidity increases your skin's ability to retain water, and water is the "modulating" factor in "desquamation"; basically what this means is that your skin cells cannot flake or slough off naturally without adequate amounts of water.

    As for the "tingling" sensation that you experience, this is, of course, symptomatic of seborrhoeic dermatitis, but its etiology, although probably related in some part to the change in relative humidity, is more likely psychological in origin, which would help explain why marijuana reduces this anxiety-induced inflammatory response in your skin.

    If possible, try traveling back to Southern Sweden but continue ingesting marijuana. If your seb derm returns, you will know that it's the relative humidity and not the marijuana which has "cured" your condition. Of course, you could always stop ingesting marijuana for a little while in Oslo and see if the seb derm returns, but that is only if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Additionally, it's important that you realize this "tingling" sensation is not necessarily an indication that your seb derm will return. It's probably just anxiety-induced inflammation and many people who do not suffer from seb derm experience it. If you just make an effort to remain calm, it should pass and over time you'll become less susceptible to experiencing it. I would suggest moderate and regular exercise to help reduce anxiety.

    Thank you for your post Scottish! The humidity in Oslo I also believe to be higher. Your explanation of what in the humid air it is that helps against Seb derm was interesting. I have tried both not smoking in Oslo and smoking if I am in Sweden and the results strenghtens my marijuana theory.

    When it comes to the tingling I just know itīs something I feel in the first face of the blooming on my face. As soon as I feel that itch beside my nose Iīm just so used to be facing an inflammation followed by flaking. Of course this increase my anxiety. I will remember everything you said.

    Now I will tell about the salve. I made it on 7th jan. While I cooked it, which was not too difficult, my face was very soar and in itīs worst face. I applied straight on my bloomed skin but it didnīt help. I will just say that all of the salves Iīve tried, except for one I got from a chinese acupuncturer, have made my blooming worse when applied. This was what I experienced even this time.

    I was very disappointed and the next days I didnīt use the salve. I used a bit to much beeswax in my salve so it became too hard. I think that the strong layer that the salve made on my soar skin might have prevented it from breathing and healing properly. I also know that the makers of the recepie say that the only place the salve is not recommended to be used is in an open wound, which I would say my face looked like at that moment.

    Anyways. When the flaking was gone, on the 10th, I applied the salve. My skin responded very well to it, and no blooming was caused. My skin was like a babyīs ass. This is normal though, usually for 2-4 days then it returns. On the 14th I felt the itch beside my nose. I thought okay here it comes but it was worth a try. I used my Ketokonazol schampoo (which I think is very good) on my scalp and cleaned my face. I applied the canna-coconut salve on the itching spot and it disappeared. This was the first time this happened ever I think. The blooming never came. The area got a bit red, just 1-2 cm2, but didnīt hurt. Today the spot is 2-3 cm2 but I still feel nothing and almost one week have passed.

    I canīt say itīs working yet. I will keep you updated as often as something happens. My faith in the salve is very good so far anyway.

    Chris7 - I would say that after half a joint every day for a week it stays away for at least five days without me smoking.

    Xtashanx - I know how your frustration feels. If you try it Iīm looking forward to hear how it turned out. Normally, if my seb derm is blooming and I smoke, the flaking part sets in faster and normally the condition is better the next day or day after that, and invisible after 5 days.

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    Even if weed helps aginst SD id rather live with SD the rest of my life than risking cancer or ohter diseases caused by smoking weed regurarly for maybe 50 yrs.
    Not to mentioned getting in trouble with the law.

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    Default hey! weed seems good.

    Hi iīve been suffering rosacea since i was 17, now im 20, i tried with alot of methods, diets, creams, lotions. and the diet did help but when i
    want to party, when i drink alcohol a get flare up almost instantly, because of that, i nearly stop drinking.

    A few days ago in a party i decided
    to try some weed, and oh! my fellow rosaceans it didnt make me flare up it help me. i was less red and relax and felt my face like i use to, not
    so hot in a normal temperature.

    weed does affect you in some ways, like almost every other thing. coffe, sugar, etc. but you have to know what are does effects
    and if you are willing to take them.

    like a doctor specialize in herbolare said "the worst drugs are in the corner of your street." thats true, alcohol and tobacco make more damage to your
    body, but their legal, and thatīs why nobody cares what theyīre consuming thinking "itīs legal, how bad can it be?" and in the other hand oh! you
    smoke weed, thats illegal thatīs gonna make insane and kill you, and its the bridge to other drugs, well to me thatīs ignorance.

    sorry if theres spelling mistakes, my first language is not english.

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    I have thought about discussing marijuana on these forums before but this is the first time I've actually seen it. For me, marijuana helps me eat perfectly, which is the main thing that clears my skin. When I come home from a long day, and I'm hungry and tired and I just want to grab some fast food or something on the way home, it helps me to have marijuana as sort of a 'treat,' kinda like a glass of wine. Even though I can't gorge myself in unhealthy food, I can still roll a fatty after I eat a really healthy dinner, feel content, and have a deep sleep and feel excellent the next morning. Speaking of, I usually smoke before I go to work as well. It motivates me to eat healthy and sets things in perspective so I can easily turn away bad food at breakfast & lunch, which I prefer to smoke then as well. Also, I use it as a motivator to exercise. I'll say, 'if I run this morning then I can smoke a bowl after.' Something like that. Or I'll go mountain biking and smoke at the very top and enjoy the scene. As for marijuana specifically helping me with my SD, I don't think so. Although when I was in highschool, my best friend had severe acne, and when we started smoking he cleared right up, and told me that the weed kept his skin clear. Interesting stuff.

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    Default Marijuana

    Guys ive registered just after reading this, im from south america and ive been having sd for about 14 years, nothing really helped. Now since december ive been smoking weed everyday like a joint or two and its amazing the results, when i smoke it makes me flare up but the next day my skin looks really good. Now i only smoke inside my house in the evenings before going to sleep. I was using H&S shampoo on the face along with weed but now im gonna try just weed, 2 days so far and i dont feel the need to put anything on my face.

    I think i might have to use a little nizoral cream on the side of my nose, but the sd is receding from all over my face where i used to have it, its too soon to tell you this is the solution but i see the difference.

    The best advice i can give you is dont use steroid creams, they do more harm than good in the long run.

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    Something I would like to add to this discussion.

    Upon further research, there seems to be some evidence that marijuana suppresses certain immune system responses like inflammation and proliferation.


    This could help further explain your cessation of symptoms, as they are primarily an immune system response to some external or internal stimuli.

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    I don't really believe weed could directly help for SD, but it could help for the stress factor.
    If I smoke weed, I'm relax and I sleep very well but I don't think It could be use as a long term treatment as it is very unhealthy when you smoke it.
    I have never tries to use it as a tea, didn't know it works like that.

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    Default Sorry to necro an old thread, but...

    Sorry to open such an old post again, but when it comes to solving our terrible skin condition, I think we can all agree to bend the usual rules.

    I can completely attest to the beneficial effects of marijuana on rosacea. I've been suffering with rosacea that comes and goes to various degrees since I've been about 16. I occasionally smoked pot here and there (maybe a few times out of the year) but was never really interested in it. I recently went back to my home town to visit family and friends, I ended up spending the majority of the time with a friend of mine who is quite the stoner (albeit the functional type that maintains a healthy balance in life activities) and ended up smoking almost every day for a month. Amazingly, my rosacea COMPLETELY vanished. This was in Hawaii so we were also going to the beach which means sun, salt, and all the chemicals in sunscreen. Not ONCE did I flair up. Sure enough I got back to Taipei after the month of smoking in Hawaii, and within a day the symptoms came back (pot is very illegal in Asia). It was driving me wild trying to figure out what could be causing it as I am very careful with mold, cleanliness, and health in Taipei, and in Hawaii I didn't even think about what type of face wash or shampoo I was using (very generic stuff containing sulphates etc). Finally when it occurred to me that it could have been the pot, I googled it and found quite a few cases of individuals as surprised as myself that marijuana was their saviour for an otherwise incurable, barely treatable condition that can make social life a living hell.

    Unfortunately I'll have to leave my life in Taipei if I want to treat my skin condition in a healthy and natural way. The only option out here is a Pimecrolimus cream. It works, but it makes my face burn like hell on earth for up to 24 hours following even a light application. I think that's evidence enough to say my body is rejecting said medicine. It's just so ****ed up all the ways marijuana can help people yet it's still illegal due to ignorance, prejudice, or corporate greed

    P.S. I would not choose to smoke marijuana more than perhaps a few times a year if it were not for rosacea, please do not think I'm a stoner looking for any positive light to shed on pot.

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    Default Once again

    Hello everybody,

    Now Iīm back on this forum again. Stopped smoking weed again weeks ago and the symptoms that have been away for about six months of smoking are now back to what they used to be. Iīve tried bending the options back and forth to figure out what else might have effected it but this time Iīm even more sure. Still not recommending anyone to start smoking for the possibility of keeping this **** away but for me it changed my life. When it disappeared the first time for a long period like this (at 20 yrs old, Iīm now 25) I finally got the chance to build my confidence up. Well, I wish there was some functioning salve making the dilemma a whole lot easier.

    Bless you!

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