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Thread: Bumps Forming On Body, Hundreds of Bumps and White Spores On Face

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    Default Bumps Forming On Body, Hundreds of Bumps and White Spores On Face

    So confused. So, I've been told by multiple dermatologists that I have rosacea...well, acne rosacea. I have been on monodox 100mg per day for 2 weeks now. I noticed my skin getting slightly better on my face and body...mainly with the skin feeling softer and the millions of tiny bumps I have on my face, seeming less noticeable. But this week, the bumps look a little more worse and it feels like the antibiotic pill lost its effect.

    I tried taking the metrogel and clindamycin phosphate for one week but noticed nothing happen. I didn't believe I had rosacea until I finally gave up and gave in and decided to take the meds and creams for rosacea and started believing I had it since so many doctors said it. Now, I'm not so sure all these doctors have been right......

    I just have never seen anyone with rosacea have what I have. I have hundreds of these supremely tiny bumps all over my face. In some areas, the skin is pinker. Then, I have what looks like dead skin in places and then I have these things that I don't know how to describe...they look like supremely tiny white spores. These spores and bumps have been spreading across my face slowly in the last 4 months. But only spreading on my face...mainly to my forehead and further across the sides of my face. I have read rosacea doesn't spread. And a lot of places where I have these spores and the tiny bumps, there is no redness. Sometimes, I feel slightly itchy on my face but barely. I used to feel like things were crawling all over my skin when my skin was super red and inflamed months ago, but not much at all anymore.

    I have this other symptom with this that puzzles times, I get these bumps on my skin and they show up more if I scratch. They are skin colored and tiny and lots of them are showing up in clusters together wherever I scratch and then stay that way.

    Then there are these other bumps that look different from the ones I described above. They seem to be forming from inside my body and often look like little circle bumps but can also take on strange shapes. They almost sort of resemble hives but are super small and appear in random areas of my body for a half hour or so or even a few minutes and then disappear. I can feel the bumps too if I run my fingers over them. Then it's surprising how they can disappear later like nothing was there. I usually notice them when I start to itch. Then, I have yet another kind of problem where it sometimes feels like tiny light needles are poking at my skin sometimes with some light skin crawling sensations and I think it's because super tiny bumps are forming there, but I'm not entirely sure.

    I'm getting terrified as to what I have if it's not rosacea. I'm beginning to assume this is all linked together. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experience this? Is this a sign of acne rosacea?
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    when was your last visit to see a derm? I think you might need to get a second opinion. This doesn't sound like rosacea. I am sorry that you are going thru all of this it sounds awful.

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    Thank you. It's been a long time...many months of problems but at least the fact that I'm trying the rosacea stuff helps to figure out if I really have it. Last appt with a derm was two weeks ago. I have one set for tomorrow. Do you have any idea what this sounds like? Any suggestions so I have some ideas to throw out there for the derm?

    I should add, I do flush on my face and sometimes my neck/chest area when I'm nervous or harried or embarassed but it doesn't last too long and always fades, but these pink areas on my skin don't.

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