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Thread: Topicals/orals to thicken skin?

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    Default Topicals/orals to thicken skin?

    one of the biggest factors that's making my skin have that red all around appearance is that I have very thin skin from overdoing it with the sun and wearing no sun cream. To where I have a somewhat translucent skin type; it would be like putting a red object under tissue paper you will still see the red hue under the tissue.

    Is there any product that can thicken skin? I've tried collagen powders and it seemed to soften to my skin but not help with thickness. Apparently retin A is supposed to help but then I've heard a theory it thins skin? I'm not sure. Is there any medication you know of ?

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    You are on a roll with thinning and thickening. This article might help you in your search.
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    Im not exactly sure if retina or retinol would work too....
    but keep in mind that it could cause redness if your skin is really sensitive..

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