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    Does anyone have success with Rosacea Ltd IV? I was diagnosed with rosacea recently and have been using the discs for about a week. My symptoms are persistent redness around nose and cheeks with frequent added flushing. No pustules or papules. I was prescribed Metrogel but since I have read of very few cases where Metrogel improves redness, I decided to give the Rosacea Ltd a try first.

    I experience a small amount of stinging for a few minutes after application and it makes my face feel a bit dry, but I have not gotten the jojoba oil yet so hopefully that will improve. Haven't noticed any change yet in the redness for better or worse.
    I appreciate any thoughts or experiences.

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    Reactions have been mixed .

    For me, a topical called Clenia (sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5%) achieved the same results but with better control.
    The Rosacea LTD Disks were very hard for me to 'spot treat' certain areas of the face, resulting in some unnecessary dryness.
    In addition,I dont do well with any kind of oils (including jojoba).

    Overall, my suggestion would be to continue on with Rosacea LTD Disks + Jojoba oil and see how it goes after 30-40 days. I believe
    I took advantage of their money back guarantee (90 day) after 2 months or so ---I had too much drying. The customer service is solid.

    If you run into issues, I strongly suggest a topical with Sodium Sulfacetamide + Sulfur--there are a few on the market (prescription only).
    This way you can spot treat certain areas (avoiding drying) and not have to worry about jojoba oil.

    Good luck.

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