Hi all,

I was actually diagnosed with having rosacea 2 years ago, although looking back, I can trace symptoms of this as far back as 18 years old (im now 36). I just wanted to share my experience with others, and to say that i found something that has lowered my rosacea by about 80%! And its nothing amazing or difficult or expensive!

I was in in the west country on a camping holiday with my partner, surfing. I had developed a large blister on my lip which was sore to touch. I thought I had a coldsore although I'd never had coldsores previously. The following day I went out surfing and came out of the sea to find that I had a rash of red spots under my chin, which then spread within a few hours across my nose, forehead and largely around my chin area. I was quite horrified - really thought Id caught chicken pox or something! I had to go to the emergency doctor whilst on holiday as i was worried I would give something to my partner, at the time I had no idea what was happening to my face!
He told me that I had impetigo and that it was very contagious and prescribed me with cream and told me to avoid contact with my partner at all costs! Well....we were on holiday in a campervan...so, can you imagine what that was like?? I spent the rest of the holiday having my own towel, my own pillow, my own mug etc.

When I returned home I went to the doctors and he told me Id been misdiagnosed. I actually had rosacea and I hadn't been contagious all that time (thanks doc!).. he gave me Metrozole (cant remember how to spell it sorry) gel - which i began to apply. It helped, but I realised that I couldnt go on forever using this gel and I actually didnt want to. The doc went through my history with me - had i suffered from flushing, spots, swelling etc. To which I had all of those.

I then began to think back to all those times when my face flushed so awfully that I would stop socialising, and when my face felt swollen and how sensitive I was to the sun and heat etc. I always wondered what it was about, I just felt like I had sensitive skin and there was nothing I could do. I had also started suffering with spots in the last 10 years or so, which started around my nostrils and were SO painful to touch it would make my eyes water. I always wondered why, in my 20s/30s I was developing spots still? I had a very good diet and I exercised regularly. It did make me feel really quite low in myself.

Anyway, the doctor told me that the bout I had recently experienced coming out of the sea, was because I had failed to apply suntan cream - and the reflection of the sea against the sun, had an effect under my chin. He told me I had to apply suntan cream everyday - even when it wasn't sunny, but especially in the sun and wind - to protect against the elements basically.

So here I am 2 years later, having in the last year applied suntan cream to my face EVERYDAY sometimes twice a day - WHATEVER the weather....and I am pleased to say that it has WORKED! I know this doesnt sound like a miracle cure and it is most probably something that has been said on this forum many times? But I am another statistic and proof that it DOES work. And really it only took about one week for me to really, really notice. I will say that if i dont apply the cream for say one day, the chances of the spots coming back fast are high. I just make sure that i have some with me all the time in my bag or in the campervan.

Now i dont know how bad my rosacea is compared to others, but for years and years I have suffered with flushing that was excruciating - like my face was burning - i would also get a temperature with it, and often would have to disappear into another room to lay down and cool off. This happened particularly if I was in a social setting - I think it was a bit of anxiety about it happening that triggered it.
Id also get swelling around my eyes and mouth and nose which to me was horrific, but others said they couldnt see it. Following times like this, I would then come out in spots, mainly around my nostrils, my forehead and chin area, which hurt and would last for up to 10 days.
I linked this with the sun also. My mum, my sister and my aunt ALL have inflammatory related disorders, so I do feel that part of it runs in the family. My mum has a rare strain of lupus which includes flushing.

I hope this helps others?? I know that after so many years ive finally got it under control and it really has changed my life for the better.
Id love to hear if this has helped other people.

Thanks all x